• lake house umbrellas

    Best 10ft Patio Umbrellas For Lake House Patios

    It is a beautiful thing to spend time outdoors, and you can do so in comfort with some of the best 10-foot patio umbrellas. The Washington Post published an article stating that new research shows that people who spend more…

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    6 Ways to Maintain a Lake

    If you have decided to acquire a property with a beautiful lake, your next step is to figure out how to maintain it. A lake inside a property offers such a picturesque view. It gives you a sense of calm…

  • How to Build a Lake on Your Private Property

    How to Build a Lake on Your Private Property

    There are probably many reasons you are interested in building a private lake on your property. You might have a huge piece of land, to begin with, and you love the peace, and quiet fishing on a lake brings. Buying…

  • Decor

    Best Bamboo Roman Shades For Lake House Windows

    When looking for window treatments for your lake house windows, why not check out bamboo roman shades? Bamboo roman window blinds have a timeless appeal, are inexpensive, and you can install them yourself. Lake house window blinds made from bamboo…

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    Best Lakehouse Backyard Patio String Lights

    Backyard string patio lights are the ideal answer for lake house lighting to give a soft and welcoming ambiance. If you need lighting ideas, backyard string lights are a way to get decorative lights that also put light where you…

  • Lake House Family Photo Wall Display Ideas

    Summer Family Photos Display Ideas

    Capture summer family photos and display them at your lake house to remind you of all the fun you had! Photos are an invaluable reminder of fun events frozen in time. They bring back memories of the people and times…