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What I Learned from Using Nautical Antiques for my Lake House

I love my lake house! It is my favorite place on earth. When I am there, I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I am free to relax and truly live my life.

Being by the water is immediately refreshing, and the rhythm of the water draws me. It is soothing and compelling and seems to call to me in some age-old manner.

This love of the water is shared by many. Our species has felt this pull of water and sea from time immemorial. From the early days we carved out canoes to take us across the water.

We have gotten our dinners from the water, made our livings on the water, and built our homes near its shores.

The magnetism that draws me to the shore each morning to stand and stare is the same fascination that leads me to bring that nautical theme indoors.

My love of the water gives me the desire to surround myself with all things nautical. You could find sea or water-related items anywhere, it is the antiques that speak to me with their superior knowledge.

We have attempted to conquer the sea for our purposes, but that will never be a reality. The water is its own master and an entity that only allows us tenuous passage.

The objects that were used in an attempt to safely navigate the 70% of earth that is covered in water. It hold a particular interest for me. They show a bit of the struggle to adapt and also the love of being on the water.

I have learned so much of our early attempts at navigation and of the hardships of those who chose a life at sea.

Nautical Antiques:



One of my favorite nautical antiques is hanging over the fireplace at my lake house. And it is a replica map from the 1800s of Puget Sound.

Puget Sound is a fascinating inlet of the Pacific Ocean that is located along the northwestern coast of the state of Washington. It is a complex estuarine system of interconnected waterways and basins.

Studying the map reminds me that although we can try to corral and divert its flow, water will always make its way.

There are several nautical antiques shops in my area, and as the area is near lakes. I can often find nautical artifacts to decorate my lake house. 

I tend to prefer pieces that show their previous life in the wear and tear on their surface. It reminds me that these were once useful items that had a function and purpose. 

At times, someone’s life might have depended on them to perform as they were intended.  


Nautical Antiques


In my bedroom, I am fortunate to have a large window that looks out to the lake. At night when the lights are on, I wanted a curtain to draw across the window. While in one of the local shops, I saw propped in a corner an oar from a longboat.

It came to mind that the oar, being long and slender, would make the perfect rod for a curtain in my bedroom. And it has!

Each time I draw the curtain across at night, I think about those sailors whose hands had pulled the oar through the water to propel the boat toward land. 

What strength that would have taken with everyone working in unison to propel a boat, up to 75 feet in length, through turbulent waters! The dugout, an ancestor of the longboat, brought the Vikings on piratical raids and conveyed Leif Eriksson to America. 

Now, resting from its labors, the oar still overlooks the water and is a reminder of those who depended on this elementary tool to carry them to safety.


Nautical Antique


Nowadays, with advancements in technology, there are fish finders and GPS’s that show the way to favored fishing spots, where in the past a buoy would mark the spot. 

Buoys (or floats) have been used on the water for a variety of purposes. I have several nautical antique floats made from blown glass in a variety of colors; green, blue, amber, and rarest of all, a cranberry hue. 

The ones that I have as decorative items in my lake house still have the original netting around them. These buoys, referred to as glass floats, were first produced in Norway around 1840 and were either oblong or bubble-shaped. Used by fishermen on their nets and to mark fishing spots, they come in a variety of sizes, depending on the size of the net. 

When Japan, because of its sizable deep-sea fishing industry,  started making glass floats in the 1940s, they were primarily green in color. This was because they used recycled sake bottles to make the floats. I have taken the smaller of these floats and hung them in windows where they catch the light and reflect it into the room. 

The largest nautical antiques that I have is about 20 inches across, which sits in a large basket and has pride of place on the coffee table in the living room.

Besides being a beautiful object, it is another reminder of our connection to the water and the role the seas have played in providing food for those onshore.


Nautical Antiques


Hanging in the entryway of my lake house is a beautiful gift from a close friend. It is a vintage manual trip alarm bell that had been used on a ship. 

Used in the days before electrical power on boats, this beautiful brass alarm would work by pulling on the rod attached to the bell. That meant that the alarm could be sounded in emergencies.

Today, the bell pulling is a pleasant and welcome sound, as it announces family and friends who have arrived at the lake house. 

In the days when this bell was used on a ship, it would have heralded a far less welcome event. I have found myself upon hearing the bell today, wondering what other happenings the bell signaled. It could not have been a comforting sound for those who were aboard a ship, with no land in sight. 

Did it signal a coming storm, poor visibility, or a life-threatening fire on board? The bell was also used to mark the end of a watch that was usually four hours long. 

The bell was struck once at the end of the first half-hour of the watch. Twice after the second hour until eight bells had been struck at the end of the shift. The phrase “eight bells and all’s well” refers to completing a watch without incident. 

When the bell alarm is sounded at my lake house it is the sound that, indeed, with family and friends arriving, all is well.



In the kitchen at my lake house, I have an antique wooden block pulley sitting on the table. I use it as a trivet for hot dishes like my cast iron skillet or a steaming kettle of boiling water.

This pulley, part of a block and tackle, shows its life on its face. While the rope would go around the groove carved into the side of the pulley. The accompanying rope harness would ride across the front of the pulley and often had a hook on the end that would be used as a tether. 

As the ship would toss or sway on the waves, the rope would rub across the pulley’s face. 

My particular pulley shows the wear of innumerable waves carved into its face. It is a testament to years on the water in good and bad weather and years of performing its function. Again, I wonder about the stories this nautical artifact could tell! 

It is somehow comforting to me that it continues to be useful and is still near the water where it has spent its life in service to the sailors who both loved and feared their time on the water.


I have learned a lot about the life that sailors led years ago by researching the stories behind the nautical antiques that I have purchased for my lake house. Each object, and the stories behind them, have made me appreciate those who came before. 

It is with awe that I have contemplated the challenges they faced and the strength and courage that life on the water would have demanded. 

Despite all of the struggles and dangers, the water has an undeniable draw that can be satisfied in no other way than being on or near it. 

I have written about just a few of the antique nautical items at my lake house. Each one has an exciting story to tell about a life far different from my peaceful existence near the water. 

I will continue to invite the nautical antiques into my home to reside and share their stories.

12 Design Solutions To Make Your Lake House Feel More Relaxing

Your lake house is the place you go to unwind and enjoy life on the water. It only makes sense to have your lake house reflect that calming vibe. If you are looking for your lake house design solutions to help your house feel more relaxing, we have compiled a list of 12 ideas to get you started!

Lake House Design Solutions:

1. Lake House Colors

When choosing colors that will compliment your lake house and help create a relaxing atmosphere, there are four colors that will suit that purpose well.

Blues are good colors to use in your design solutions at the lake house. Studies show that people relax more around blue colors. 

Blues are often used in places like hospitals, doctor offices and large companies because those colors have been found to have a calming effect.

Greens are another great color to make your lake house design feel more relaxing. Green has been seen to relate to balance and harmony, and is often associated with the color of spring and of renewal. 

Browns, both light and dark hues, are earth colors that make great accents. Brown is also a calming color, like blue is, and is said to give a sense of security. 

White will give your lake house that light and airy feel, and will go with any blues, greens or browns that you pair it with. 

White is always clean and crisp looking, and will reflect any outdoor light to give the indoors a bright and breezy feel. 

2. Wall Art Design

The walls of your lake house are the perfect place to express your personality, thoughts while at the same time create a relaxing ambiance. 

Consider items that will fit in with your surroundings, such as fishing nets strung in the corners of a room, or a set of oars or paddles criss-crossed on the wall of a bedroom. 

Wooden carvings of fish or boats will also be in keeping with the lake house design theme and look great over a mantleplace. You might want to consider wooden signs that have favorite sayings or quotes. 

They can run the gamut from cheeky to profound. “What Happens At the Lake is Laughed About All Year Long” is one sign that is sure to be agreed with by your friends. 

You might choose Henry David Thoreau’s quote “A lake is the landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature. It is Earth’s eyes looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature” to inspire introspection. 

Choose decor for your walls that fit the setting and compliment the peaceful, relaxed nature of a lake house.

3. Windows

Lake House Design Window

Use your windows as focal points; they can be optimum design solutions at your lake house. 

You will want to have a view of the spectacular water, which can be relaxing, but you will also want your privacy. 

Depending on the size of your windows, you could use wooden shutters on them. They would let the light in, but obstruct the view from the outside in. 

Another design solution would be to install privacy film on the windows instead of traditional window coverings. 

The privacy film would give you an unobstructed view of the water and preserve your privacy at the same time. 

4. Floors

Lake House Design

It is inevitable that the floors at your lake house will be exposed to water; it is the nature of the beast at a lake house. 

Depending on what is at your waterfront, you could also have a lot of sand being tracked in. 

It will be important to have durable flooring at your lake house, as you want to relax at your lake house, not spend your time maintaining your floor coverings. 

A great look for a lake house is distressed wood in oak or pine finishes. 

Whitewashed effects, which can be done in various colors, can give your floors a homey, weathered look that has character and helps hide wear and tear. 

Even reclaimed barn wood can give your lake house a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that will be warm and welcoming. 

5. Furniture

Lake House Design Floor

Look for furniture that will work for you and make your lake house feel more relaxing. 

Formal or “stuffy” furniture will seem at odds with the calm and unhurried atmosphere at a lake house. 

Furniture that works for you will be more relaxing for you, too, as you will not have to continually improvise as your needs, or number of guests change. 

A trestle table will be perfect for dining. Imagine having friends over and laying newspaper on the trestle, then tossing a meal of boiled shrimp, crab, potatoes and corn down the center of the paper.  

You can’t get much more of a relaxed dining experience than that! Choose to pair the table with either ladder back chairs, or even better, long benches which will hold more people. 

Wicker furniture will continue the relaxed and comfortable feelings out onto porch and deck areas. Wicker would also be ideal in bedrooms as it is casual and airy furniture.

Wicker is also lightweight and can be easily moved to wherever you need more seating.  

Painted furniture adds a softness to the space it occupies and actually looks better the more “distressed” it becomes. 

Choose furniture with finishes that will withstand a damp towel being flung over the edge of it. 

Prized antiques may not fare so well in an area where the mood is casual and informal. You want to relax with objects around you that can take a bit of well-intentioned knocks.

6. Fabrics

Lake House Design Fabrics

Fabrics used should fit with the function of your lake house. They will also take into consideration if there are children or pets and reflect the needs of all who use the house. 

The lake house is a place of relaxation, not a place where pillows are continually fluffed, but a place where sprawling is encouraged. 

Woven fabrics will hold up longer than printed ones. Higher thread counts and tighter weaves will also give better wear. 

If you pooch is allowed on the furniture then consider a microfiber fabric as these can stand extra wear and tear. 

When considering the pattern on your furniture, the scale of the pattern should be appropriate to the size of the room. 

A large, bold pattern might overpower a small room and be more distracting than tranquil. Find fabrics that are fade resistant, as you will want plenty of light in your lake house.  

Bleached cotton, and tickings in blue, green or brown will fit perfectly in a lake house setting. Try gingham in the kitchen or dining room for a casual feel. 

7. Lighting

Lake House Design

Lighting can be the opportunity to add some fun into the proceedings. If you have even just a medium amount of skill, designing your own creation can be a rewarding activity. 

Old buoys can be turned into a table top lamp or outdoor lighting. In this video, you will see how a lady used salvaged buoys for patio lighting: How to make a lamp from a fishing buoy

Even Martha Stewart knows how to make hanging lights using a rope material: Knotted Hanging Lantern DIY Project – Martha Stewart

In this video, the person used flowers to create an epoxy resin night light. You could use the same idea, but incorporate nautical objects. 

You could use various suspended fishing lures, cat tails, pine cones or sea shells.  Lighting in your lake house should never be harsh; soft yet sufficient, as the lighting needs to be soothing. 

Track lighting will give you illumination in all the places you need without being harsh. Track lighting comes in H, J or L shaped tracks. 

You can also get them in a monorail that you can configure yourself. The track heads can be drop-down pendants, glass shades and many other variations. 

For your outside areas like a patio, porch or by the dock, softly glowing string lights add a soothing ambience and provide  enough light in the evening. 

8. Accents

Accents are the fun part to any decor. They can liven the atmosphere and set the mood for whatever you would like that mood to be. 

If you want your lake house to feel more relaxing, the accents are where you could begin. Nothing too formal, but casual and interesting would suit the purpose. 

Glass bottles in blues and greens that line the kitchen window sill will project soothing colors into the room.

Lobster cages can be transformed into coffee tables, end tables or storage chests for blankets. 

I have seen a small,  old, and no longer serviceable row boat put into service as a shelving unit by standing the boat up on end. 

Shelves were added to the body of the boat. It made for an interesting shelving unit that fit right in with life on the lake. 

Just for fun, take a look at this over-the-top bathroom vanity made of oysters: Golden Dresser for Bathroom of Epoxy and Oysters

9. DIY shell art

Sea shells evoke the water and the waves that bring them to shore. Those shells can be used as ornaments themselves on shelves or in glass jars. 

Turn a large one over and use it as a candle holder or candy dish. A wall hanging or a wind chime for the deck can be made from sea shells. 

Take a look at this video for some ideas for your lake house: DIY Seashell Crafts Beach Decorations Shell Craft Ideas

10. Furniture Placement

Lake House Design

When placing the furniture in your lake house you are going to want to choose design solutions that make your lake house feel more relaxing. 

Furniture that interrupts the flow of traffic or is obtrusive to conversation or lounging will not add to a relaxing atmosphere. 

Try to create lines or conversation areas that point towards the windows, but not necessarily facing the windows. 

Your eye will naturally be drawn to the view, while still being engaged with friends and guests. If possible, do this in other rooms of the house, such as the bedroom. 

Point the foot of the bed toward the window with the best view. Or angle the chair in the room towards the water outside the window. 

If you angle your furniture, you will guide your eye towards the blue, calming water and bring that relaxing vibe inside. 

11. Invite Nature In

When you incorporate nature into your home it tends to have a calming effect on frayed nerves. 

Hanging plants, or having large house plants in containers brings the green from outdoors inside. 

Besides cleaning the air for us, plants evoke the peace and serenity of nature. 

They will complement any decor and depending on the plant, will thrive with minimum attention. 

12. Pillows

Pillows are a perfect option to help bring a relaxing atmosphere to your lake house. 

Oversize pillows can be used for lounging by anyone and they are a special favorite with the younger set. 

Throw a large pillow on the floor and you have additional seating. Ticking materials in blues, browns and greens will go with the lake house design theme. 

Oversize pillows in denim fabric will be a favorite and still be able to stand up to the wear and tear. 

When not in use, pillows can be stacked in a corner, becoming part of the decor, or strewn about the furniture.


Your lake house is the place you go to for relaxation and renewal.

There are a variety of design solutions to make a lake house feel more relaxing.

Using a few of the above suggestions will have you looking forward, with even more enthusiasm,to your time on the lake. 

10 Awesome Welcome Door Mats for Your Lake House

With a sigh of relief, you open the door.  You are finally here! You made it! You toss your keys in the bowl by the door and kick off your shoes.  You unwind, with no deadlines, time on your hands time is finally here! Yay!  

There are few feelings quite like the feeling of release when you are at your lake house.  For a while time is your own, you make your own rules and regular conventions and pressures are suspended. 

While you are in  this coveted capsule of time, you look forward to the lessening of duties and “have to’s”.  Even cleaning up should be on the back burner, and when it is brought to the forefront, it should be minimal and easy. 

With that in mind, we have constructed a list of 10 awesome doormats for your lake house that will aid in stopping the dirt at the door.

In and out, out and in.  In the water, on the shore, running through the grass, walking down dirt roads, and in and out and out and in.  Exactly what you should be doing at your lake house.

All of this freeing activity brings dirt and debris along with it.  But we don’t want it to be another issue to deal with it either, while we are decompressing.  Choosing one of these 10 door mats will help to keep the great outdoors close to the door, where you can shake it off...just like last week’s department meeting.



Latex Backing Non Slip Doormat 

Overall Rating : 4/5

This mat comes in seven different colors and three sizes. You can machine wash this mat in cold water.

 Gorilla Grip Original Durable Indoor Doormat 

Overall Rating : 4/5

I didn’t know that Gorillas came in so many different colors, but these ones do!  There are seven colors to choose from and two sizes. 

Color Geometry Indoor & Outdoor Doormat

Overall Rating : 4.5/5

Add some fun at the door!  This welcome mat for your lake house comes in three different patterns and two sizes. 

GRIP MASTER Durable All-Natural Rubber Doormat

Overall Rating : 4.5/5

The two sizes, four colors and patterns selection for this welcome door mat includes a really cute paw print that says “Must love dogs”. I have a friend who has a plaque in her house that says “If our dog doesn’t like you, chances are, we won’t either”  All dog lovers will understand!

KAROLA Entrance Floor Mat Rug Indoor

Overall Rating : 3.5/5

These fun lake house welcome mats add a bit of humor and whimsy.

DII CAMZ34863 Indoor/Outdoor Industrial Doormat

Overall Rating : 4/5

These mats, which can be used as a welcome mat at the door, in a business or on a boat are also called hog mats.

Fasmov 2 Pack Indoor Outdoor Entrance Rug

Overall Rating : 3.5/5

So you have more than one door to your lake house that needs a door mat.  You have got it covered (get it?) with this two pack from Fasmov. 

Mibao Entrance Doormat

Overall Rating : 4.4/5

Three colors and three sizes to choose from in this next door mat.  It has a 4.4 star rating on Amazon. 

Calloway Mills Anchor Welcome Doormat

Overall Rating : 4.5/5

Ideal for the lake house atmosphere! The attractive mat has a bamboo color background and a jaunty black anchor with the word “welcome” superimposed.   

Ottomanson Welcome Doormat

Overall Rating : 4/5

This is an inexpensive, one size door mat on the smaller side. As the description says, this mat would be ideal under pet food bowls.

Here is the first in our list:


  • SUPER ABSORBENT FIBERS:  The fibers in this mat helps to absorb wetness and debris off shoes and paws. 

  • INDOOR MAT: -  Use this mat indoors, and it can also be cut to fit if you need it in a specific area

  • NON-SLIP: - The non-slip latex backing won't slip or scuff floors. Low profile design so doors won't get stuck. Durable and the edge won't get curved. Perfect for homes with pets dogs, cats and kids.

  • EASY TO CLEAN: - Machine Washable or just shake or hose off with water. 

  • CUSTOMER CARE: We are dedicated to providing premium products to you.

  • DURABLE: This beautifully designed door mat is incredibly durable and strong. It’s perfect for indoor use and is versatile enough to use any season of the year.

  • CAPTURES DIRT: The mesh weave construction is designed to capture all of the dirt, mud and other messy unwanted debris from tracking into your home. Plus, it’s water resistant, helping to create a protective barrier between your mat and the floor.

  • CLEANS LIKE NEW: Simply vacuum with a hand-held or full sized vacuum or shake off outdoors. For a deeper clean, use a garden hose to rinse the mat outdoors.

  • AND 10-YEAR GUARANTEE : All of our mats come with a 10-Year No Questions Asked Warranty.

  • ABSORBS MOISTURE AND DIRT: Uses double layer technology that quickly absorbs moisture from shoes, keeping floors clean and dry from water, dust, grit, mud, sleet, grass, rain and snow.

  • EASY TO CLEAN: The unique ribbed fabric design helps scrape dirt off your shoes to better protect the floor, and when your doormat gets dirty, just shake it off or hose it down and let it dry.

  • ANTI-SLIP: Anti slip mat has a rubber backing which is slip resistant.

  • DURABLE AND SAFE: Our mats feature dense polypropylene and polyester fiber weave in fashionable colors..Perfect for indoor and outdoor use!

  • GUARANTEE: 100% satisfaction and lifetime support

  • TOUGH CONSTRUCTION: This door mat is constructed of tough, high-quality all-natural rubber. Our door mat is designed to be durable and strong, yet soft and flexible for all-around versatility. 

  • ABSORBS MOISTURE AND DIRT: The mat is designed with a strong, rubber beveled border that helps to form a retention dam to trap moisture, mud or other messy unwanted debris from tracking into your home.

  • EASY TO CLEAN: Simply vacuum, sweep with a broom, or shake off outdoors.

  • GUARANTEE:  All of our mats come with a 10-Year No Questions Asked Warranty.

Choose from starfish, red and black plaid, two different Christmas theme mats and one that tells you to go home if you did not bring refreshments!  Good way to weed out the slackers!

  • INDOOR: Low profile & thin design: 18"(W) x 30"(L),46cmx76cm

  • MULTIFUNCTION: Use indoors in front of the sink or as a bath mat

  • SLIP RESISTANT: Non-slip rubber backing 

  • EASY CARE: Easy to clean dirt off, just shake, sweep or hose off. .

The last thing you want in your lake house is hogs, or relatives.  But in this case, the “hog” refers to the mats ability to absorb the wet from rain, damp dogs or shoes. 

  • KEEP THE DIRT AND DEBRIS OUTSIDE:  This hog door mat has a ridged construction that helps trap dirt and moisture to keep floors clean

  • MATERIAL GREAT FOR WET CONDITIONs:  Polypropylene fiber mats dry fast and can be used for your entryway, mud room, laundry room and more

  • FOR YOUR BUSINESS, TOO: These hog mats are not just for home use but can be great in warehouses, restaurants, offices and various other high-traffic industrial locations

  • EASY CARE - Easy to clean, just hose off with water and hang to dry

  • DII:  DII is a highly trusted brand for home décor needs.

  • USES: Use on a patio, in a garage, laundry room, entryway, and anywhere there is high traffic from outside

  • CLEANING: Can be easily cleaned by shaking, sweeping or hosing off.

  • COMPOSITION: Made of high quality polyester and rubber, non slip rubber backing prevents moisture from seeping through and keeps the mat in place

  • Pack of 2, doormat measures 20”x31.5”

  • MAT DETAIL: 36" x 60", 1/2 inch thick. The mat is heavy duty, resistance to wind and snow in winter.

  • MATERIAL AND DURABLE DESIGN:. It is made of natural rubber and wicking polypropylene.. It is designed to be durable and tough. 

  • ABSORBS MOISTURE AND DIRT, EASY TO CLEAN: Polypropylene fabric helps to trap dirt within its patterned grooves. You can simply sweep, vacuum, or hose it off. 

  • NO MORE SLIPPING: This durable mat has a powerful non-slip backing that grips.

  • PLACES TO USE; Heavy duty, can be used for entryways, garages.

  • LARGE SIZE:  24 inches by 36 inches. Over-sized to provide more coverage

  • USE INDOOR OR OUT: All-season, colorfast and weather tolerant if in a sheltered area. 

  • DURABLE: Made of natural coir, a dense fiber that is naturally mold & mildew resistant. The coir fibers help to  scrape shoes clean

  • SLIP RESISTANT: Vinyl backing to help prevent movement

Although, to me, it might not be the best option for a heavy duty, high traffic area, like some of the others we have reviewed. This one would be good for other needs.  The pet food bowl option, in front of the sink in a bathroom, or an easy to pick up and shake out mat for an RV. They do have several patterns and colors to choose from. 

  • MANY USES: Keep your entryway nice and clean with the addition of this stylish doormat. Great for pet feeding or litter area or under a pet water/food bowl as it also offers a naturally stain resistant nylon pile and an easy-to-clean no-hassle maintenance

  •  DURABLE: Non-slip rubber backing that stays in place. Low-profile design glides under most doors without catching and curling.

  • GUARANTEE:  If you are not totally content with this rug, return it hassle-free for a full refund - we pride ourselves for having amazing customer service.

  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Rotate periodically, absorb moisture with paper towels, spot clean with mild soap or detergent and vacuum regularly.


The rugs reviewed above will serve a variety of purposes in various sizes and colors.  The main purpose that these welcome door mats will serve is to give you more of what you are at a lake house for: time.


You can achieve a relative and healthy amount of cleanliness by stopping dirt and debris at the door.  They are mats that can be picked up and shaken to remove stones, sand, dirt and twigs that otherwise would find its way into the living areas of your lake house. 


Not all of it will be stopped, and that is not the point.  Part of the atmosphere and experience of a lake house is the bits and pieces of the outdoor that are inside. 


You want the items in your lake house, welcome mats included, that will work for you, not another item that requires maintenance and care.  We know that we can’t eliminate all upkeep, that is not realistic, but we do want to minimize the time spent doing so.


The time away at a lake house is precious, and if a welcome mat at the entry doors help keep the debris where we can fling it back where it came from, then it is a good item to have at the doors. 


In thinking of the variety of colors of door mats, my favorite in any of the selection of welcome mats for a lake house would be a darker brown.  On this color, dirt would be less visible and if I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist!  

The Best Cool Lake House Accessories of 2020

The year might be coming to a close, but it’s never too late to think about the best accessories to add to your lake house for the upcoming season. The best cool lake house accessories will add a lot of fun for anyone of any age, whether you pick out a cool remote-control boat or something simple like a chess set. Even the smallest of items can have a huge impact on your time out with family or friends!



Outdoor Entertainment BBQ Storage Table

Overall Rating : 4/5

Pick out this storage table to keep all your utensils safe, and to prepare your food before you grill and serve it.

Remote Control Boat

Overall Rating : 4/5

It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult or a child when you’re watching this boat race across the water at 20 miles an hour.

Rocking Chair

Overall Rating : 4/5

This isn’t a heavy option either; it’s both lightweight and durable, which means that you can leave it out in the weather for a while.

Natural Bamboo Cheese Board Set

Overall Rating : 4.5/5

It’s not only great for cheese, but for crackers too thanks to the grooves that can hold crackers, nuts, or olives.

Embroidered Kitchen Towels Set

Overall Rating : 4.5/5

These embroidered kitchen towels set are designed to fit in perfectly with your house, but don’t just choose them for the design.

Green Box Sign

Overall Rating : 4.5/5

The wooden structure will look great at your lake house, and thanks to the sturdy construction, it can stand alone or hang on your walls.

Toilet Spray

Overall Rating : 4.5/5

This one is especially nice since it’s made with some pure essential oils for a fresh scent.

Life Straw

Overall Rating : 4.5/5

It can filter up to 1000 liters of water that’s even heavily contaminated, surpassing the EPA filter standards.

Electric Air Pump

Overall Rating : 4/5

This air pump is perfect for air mattresses—it’s so powerful that you can use it to inflate items quickly but also deflate items quickly.


Overall Rating : 5/5

Whether you’re sailing out on the lake or you want to sit and relax with the sun over you, these coolers for your soda cans are perfect.


There’s nothing like having an extra outdoor table to put all of your platters and food on while you’re enjoying some time outdoors. Pick out this storage table to keep all your utensils safe, and to prepare your food before you grill and serve it. It’s completely durable and clean, with a lot of space—including hooks—to keep everything you need readily available.


  • Sturdy and very useful 

  • The instructions are easy to follow

  • The stylist finish is made to look great anywhere


  • You might have a hard time putting it together

You can say that you’ve lived until you have a remote-control boat to play with while you’re out at the lake. It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult or a child when you’re watching this boat race across the water at 20 miles an hour. Use the 4-channel remote up to 120 meters to pilot your boat with ease and have a fun time out by the lake too.


  • The controls are very easy

  • It’s easy to learn how to use this boat

  •  It’s a great bargain for what you get out of it


  • The battery does not last for very long

Pick out your mesh rocking chair in one of many colors and relax in by the sun by the lake. This isn’t a heavy option either; it’s both lightweight and durable, which means that you can leave it out in the weather for a while. Fold it up when you want to move it, and adjust the pillow to meet your specifications. All you really have to do is lie back in the elastic cords, which are made to keep you comfortable for the entire day.


  • The metal is extremely sturdy

  • It rocks very well

  • There’s plenty of extra hip room to keep you comfortable


  • Water can get in it when it rains

The whole point of being out at the lake house is to relax and enjoy your time there, which means having a great cheese board set available while you’re out by the water. It’s not only great for cheese, but for crackers too thanks to the grooves that can hold crackers, nuts, or olives. There’s even a hidden drawer with four utensils that you can use, and it’s easy to clean as well since it’s a nonporous surface.


  • The drawer is easy to pull out 

  • The included cutlery works and looks great

  • The board itself is quite firm and well-made


  • Do be sure to check the size before buying

Talk about perfect for a lake house. These embroidered kitchen towels set are designed to fit in perfectly with your house, but don’t just choose them for the design. They’re made of cotton, can be thrown into your washing machine, and are big enough to be functional in your home.


  • They’re well-made 

  • The material is good for anything

  • The actual embroidery is durable and long-lasting


  • You’ll only receive one design, not both

You might not need a cute little sign like this, but let’s face it: it’s the perfect accessory. The wooden structure will look great at your lake house, and thanks to the sturdy construction, it can stand alone or hang on your walls. Just take a look at the distressed finish for a high-quality sign that still looks like it completely belongs at your lake house.


  • Holds up well against weather if it’s outside

  • The fit and finish are high-quality

  • The size is perfect for any place in the home


  • Do be sure to check the size; some say it’s smaller or larger than expected

No one likes to talk about the bathroom, but when you’re living in a lake house with a few other people, it helps to have a toilet spray available. This one is especially nice since it’s made with some pure essential oils for a fresh scent. Just spray the toilet before you go so that you don’t have to mask the odor afterwards This scientifically formula is sure to be a big help, and doesn’t use any harsh chemicals either.


  • It really does smell great, and does work 

  • The scent is not overpowering

  • Very easy to use


  • The actual spray bottle leaks

Whether you’re camping out by the lake or you just want fresh water no matter where you are, this Life Straw water filter is a perfect accessory. It can filter up to 1000 liters of water that’s even heavily contaminated, surpassing the EPA filter standards. Use this as an alternative to other options since it’s super light and has a high flow rate too, making it perfect for some time out in the sun.


  • Even the dirtiest water tastes fresh 

  • It’s a very safe filtration system

  • The portability is great


  • The filter can be a hassle to use compare to others; low volumes of water

This air pump is perfect for air mattresses—it’s so powerful that you can use it to inflate items quickly but also deflate items quickly. With the included car power adapter and home power adapter, you can use this air pump anywhere. It helps that there are 3 different sizes of nozzle to fit any mattress you already have. Just insert this easy to use and portable option no matter where you are.


  • Perfect for filling tubes for river rafting or time out on the lake 

  • It’s very light and easy to transport

  • Fills items quickly


  • Be aware that it does heat up during usage

Whether you’re sailing out on the lake or you want to sit and relax with the sun over you, these coolers for your soda cans are perfect. They can hold 12oz cans or up to 16oz bottles, and fold flat for easy storage when you’re done. It helps that they’re completely machine washable too—which saves you a lot of trouble if your drink topples!


  • Made with high quality materials 

  • They really do keep the cans cold

  • The text and color remain over time


  • The white font can fade into the color over time


Color Schemes

There are many different color schemes for lake houses.  You can choose your favorite in order to make an extra impact that will combine with the overall scenery of your lake house environment. The best color schemes to choose for lake houses in particular would be autumn colors, greens, browns, and blues.

Autumn colors (yellows, oranges, golds etc.) will accentuate the fall foliage depending on the region your lake house is in, greens will accentuate the vegetation surrounding your lake house, browns will give off an earthy accent, and blues will place emphasis upon the sky and lake.

You do not have to be limited to these colors, but these are the colors that will work best to give your lake house a calm and welcoming vibe.

Add Your Personal Touch to the Design

Make your lake house unique by including your own personal decorations and accessories. This can include family photos, items from your personal collection, or a keepsake. Adding something to your home that has a personal appeal to you can help you connect with your lake house and display what is important and unique to you.

Emphasize the View from the Inside

The view that you will be able to experience from inside of your lake house is one of the most essential features to focus on. You should be able to clearly see and admire the lake and  vegetation that surrounds your house.

Make good use of areas in which you can install windows and prevent furniture, draperies, or other obstacles from obstructing your view of the outside so you can have the best view possible.


You will want the flooring of your lake house to compliment the type of lake house you are living in. For example, wood flooring would work perfectly well for mountain cabin style or country style lake houses, while vinyl or marble may look amazing in modern lake houses.

The type of flooring you choose to install will make an impact on the overall authentic or natural appearance of your lake house and can greatly accentuate the overall design of the house.


The lighting inside of your lake house will contribute to the overall vibe, and there are many different lighting combinations that you can utilize for any type of lake house. Adding draperies to places such as any windows inside the master bedroom or other areas of the house can help you control the amount of natural lighting that area can receive at any given moment.

Country style lake homes may look best with old-fashioned wheel or barrel lighting fixtures while mission style lighting may suit rustic style lake houses.


Add some stylish and high quality chairs and sofas to your living room area to give yourself and your guests a nice place to sit and relax. The seating areas should be durable enough to where you will not have to spend as much time worrying about the upkeep factory, so you may instead focus on relaxation and overall enjoyment.

Make sure that your seating matches and accentuates the color schemes of the area you place them in and that you have enough seating areas to accommodate for a crowd of people if you plan to throw parties for your friends and family at your lake house.


You can choose furniture to place into your house based on the interior design or the color scheme you have chosen to implement. Wood furniture works marvelously with most types of lake house and can work to accentuate the rustic appearance of your own house. You can also add your own personal touch to your furniture selection to give off your own unique vibe.


Update your lake house depending on the type of existing architecture so you will have an easier time of maintaining the quality and functionality of your house. You can work with the architecture by giving the floors or walls a refinish to make them look more modern, and you can utilize the placement of your furniture accordingly in order to further accentuate the architecture.

You can always hire a professional to help you with additional details of your home if you need advice or if you need to renovate your home.

Make the Master Bedroom Soothing

Your master bedroom will be one of the most soothing areas of your lake house, and you can make it more comfortable by utilizing calm color patterns and furniture. You can also use linen draperies to add an extra level of privacy and light filtration in order to give you a deeper sense of security. Grey and white palettes tend to be the most soothing color schemes to use in a master suite.


Make the best use of your accessories and decorations in order to put your personal touch into making your lake house more comforting to you and your guests. Lake houses are meant to be soothing and connect you with nature. The right combination of furniture, lighting, and overall interior design will bring you closer to nature than ever before.

Nautical Décor Ideas for Your Lake House: Cape Town Inspired

It’s impossible not to feel relaxed with a calming nautical design around you, especially when you take Cape Town for your inspiration. Of course, it helps that the nautical option will never go out of fashion. This means that once you’ve got it decorated, you can kick back and relax. You don’t need to obsess about changing everything either: we’ll show you can use nautical décor ideas for your lake house easily.

What is Nautical Décor?

Using simple elements such as stripes, anchors, and other maritime features, nautical interior design recreates the feeling of the ocean. Natural textiles and different types of furniture will add this style to any room, meaning that you can do lake house decoration Cape Town style anywhere.

What exactly should you be looking for with nautical décor, though? Well, you really only need some features that are characteristic of the ocean with some good decorative elements. Try out nautical stripes for a striped blue pattern on your window treatments, rugs, or any other coverings. Keep the colors to a minimum with just a little bit of red to offset the blue.

Sea creatures and nautical maps are huge parts of nautical décor too. You’ll love having starfish around your home for just a touch of the elegant seaside without it being overwhelming. Adding a map along the wall and nautical stars near the window give your room that feeling of adventure only attained on the open water.

Just remember not to go overboard on any of your little decorative elements. You don’t need to have a sea of starfish in your room. In fact, there can definitely be too many elements all mixed together, so keep it simple. A good rule of thumb is to use strong colors like white and blue with some pale pink highlights, and add only a few decorative elements for that pop of nautical style.

Nautical Décor Ideas for Lake House

You have chosen the perfect starfish to match the blue and white curtains. Your furniture has been selected and you have made sure it is made from good natural textiles. Now comes the time to decorate more fully and put all these elements together.

Framed Starfish

Starfish can literally go anywhere in your home to add that nautical element that you’re looking for. If you have a large selection mix them in a frame with your sand dollars and shells. Paint the frame white and outline with starfish for a little bit of ocean fun at an extremely affordable price.

Let’s Talk about Shells

Starfish and shells: two of the best elements for any nautical design. Whether purchased at a store or found walking along the beach, shells are extremely versatile. Just wash your shells free of sand and you can simply place them around the room.

Use any conch shells you found as paperweights, and fill a bottle or cute jar with smaller shells. You can even use some glue with medium-sized shells to make them into magnets or to secure them to your shelves. If you prefer to keep your coffee tables free of clutter, shells are easy to hang up as well.

Decorative Elements

Don’t forget about the regular decorative elements in your home, like the curtains. Drape your curtains to keep your room looking open and airy. Just think of how those light curtains will flow in the breeze, and how they’ll look with the sunlight shining through them.

You can add a few floor rugs also, especially to soften any of the hardwood floors in your home. Rugs come in all materials and designs to fit your taste, whether that’s full of color or more natural earth tones. 

Finally, think about your furniture. Anything white-stained will imitate driftwood and emphasize the coastal appearance in your home. With the wood and minimal colors, you can create a more casual and relaxed atmosphere.

Painting like a Pro

Beach elements are great, but you can also make a few of your decorative pieces yourself. This is a great way to relax with the family while you’re still decorating the beach house.

Don’t worry if you’re not a painting master either. Separate your canvas with some painter’s tape to start. Brush along the top portion with sunset colors and the bottom with various blues to imitate the ocean. The point isn’t to paint a Picaso, but to create a fun DIY piece to match your home..

To the Dollar Store

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a great nautical decoration for your lake house. Honestly, you can find a lot of great things at the dollar store. Just pick up a few candle vases, tissue paper and seashells. Glue a few pieces of tissue paper around the candle vase, fill it with seashells and a candle, then light and enjoy your nautical lighting.


You don't need to get those ugly plastic crates from the store to keep all of your items contained. You can paint your crates yourself—just pick up a wooden crate and some blue or white paint. Paint the crate white and add a blue anchor design for that nautical look. When it's all dry, you can sand the paint a little to add that distressed look too.


You don't have to plaster a menagerie of seashells on your home to make it nautical. There are actually many great ideas that you can apply to your home to make it both practical and nautical at the same time. Paint your cabinets, add some sheer curtains, and have a little fun with your family, adding those decorative elements so that you can enjoy your beach house to its fullest.

Top 9 Lake House Quotes

People that love lake life know that there are just some undeniable truths about living by the lake. That's why there are some quotes you just have to be a lake lifer to really understand.

Product Summary





  • MADE FROM - High Quality Silky Satin Polyester Blend.






  • Made of real wood

  • Measures Approx. 5 x 10 inches

  • Handmade with wood lath strips and finished with a hanging jute rope

  • Proudly Made in the USA 

  • The wood plank look with distressed design adds charm to any room of the house

  • 100% Cotton 

  • Imported

  • Matching set of two embroidered waffle weave kitchen towels 

  • Colorful and functional towels that make great lake house kitchen decor 

  • Towels measure 18 x 28 inches, use as dish or hand towel, machine wash cold, tumble dry low 

  • Inspirational wooden decoration to hang on a wall or door; measures 14x18 in. 

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  • High-end design with detailed print and coloring; goes with any decor - vintage, rustic, country or modern. 

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  • This humorous wooden wall art decoration is a must-have in any lodge by a lake. 

  • Bold white words on a distressed red background. Measures 13.5x13.5 inches. 

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  • High-end design goes with any decor - vintage, rustic, country or modern. Words and coloring on front; sides are natural wood. 




  • DIMENSIONS Sign measures 20" x 14" x 2"


  • coastal wood wall décor 

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  • catchy slogan 

  • distressed