how to maintain a lake

6 Ways to Maintain a Lake

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If you have decided to acquire a property with a beautiful lake, your next step is to figure out how to maintain it. A lake inside a property offers such a picturesque view. It gives you a sense of calm and can give you the relaxation and escape you need from your busy urban life. However, a lake’s beauty can only do so much. It needs to be well taken care of to prevent the water from being polluted, just so the natural life stays healthy and thriving. What are the ways on how to maintain a lake on your property? The task might appear complicated, but you and your family can make it work with proper knowledge and determination. Below are 6 simple ways on how you can maintain your lake or pond.

Keeping Proper Oxygenation Needed By The Lake

Most living organisms require oxygen to thrive. In a water body such as a lake, it is essential to maintain the water quality and help animals and other bacteria. The amount of oxygen in a lake is often altered by conditions such as sewage discharge and putting too much bait when fishing. To maintain the oxygen in the lake, aeration is needed. This method keeps the water in good condition, making it able to support other life, which helps prevent algae growth. Some ways to keep aerated include natural aeration, surface aeration, and submerged aeration. Natural aeration means using natural resources like keeping plants around the late healthy to produce more oxygen. Surface aeration means putting tools as aids such as water fountains and paddlewheel aerators to lift water on the surface to get oxygen. Submerged aeration works by using on-shore pumps or compressors to promote oxygen circulation under the water’s surface.

Applying Bacterial Treatment

Healthy and natural bacteria and enzyme treatments can do a lot in maintaining the quality of water in your lake. A freshwater body, such as a lake, needs bacteria that feed on phosphate and nitrate. These two minerals are not so water-friendly. Bacterial treatment helps eliminate bad water smell, lake impurities, weeds and algae, and adds great color to your lake. Moreover, these natural remedies are sustainable and very easy to use. It is vital to apply bacterial treatment made from all-natural ingredients. It contains a high level of active aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.

Using Natural Remedies For The Property

Natural remedies such as increasing oxygen levels through plants, keeping the area surrounding the lake clean, having proper air circulation, and keeping the trash of your lakes are excellent means to keep your lake healthy and to prevent further problems as you go along. These simple steps can also help you save money in the long run. Using natural remedies also means using products that are all-natural, organic, and chemical-free. The lake can naturally absorb chemicals found in products, which can negatively affect the water. If you really need to use one with chemicals on it, it is best to limit its use to a minimum.

Regularly Checking Of The Septic Tank

Septic tank waste, if not managed, often affects bodies of water naturally. With a lake on your property, this can generally affect your lake’s water’s overall quality, making it contaminated if not appropriately maintained. Keeping your septic tank well and functioning correctly does not need to be complicated simple ways such as conserving water, using eco-friendly cleaners, regular inspection for leaks and tanks, and avoiding flushing of non-biodegradable items in your toilets will all do the trick. Make sure to have your tank pumped out by an expert if needed once a year.

Using Lake Dyes

Lakes naturally have great color but putting on lake dyes is a great idea for maintaining it. This process is not harmful at all.Lake dyes not only add beauty to the color of your lake. They can naturally prevent algae growth because they add more pigments to the water that somehow block sunlight from penetrating, which results in reduced algae growth. After all, there’s not much sunlight to help their photosynthesis.

Taking Care Of The Yard Beside Your Lake

Taking care of your lake inside your property means taking care of the areas around it, too, because it generally affects the lake’s overall condition. This is very easy to do. You always have to view your yard or the surrounding area around your lake as its extension. Use natural chemicals as much as possible and limit the use of pesticides and fertilizers on your plants. Make sure to aerate your lawn as well. Clean your driveways of trash, maintain the grass and make all surfaces clean. When building a cabin or any structure around your lake, make sure that the shoreline won’t be affected. If you need to take down trees to build your structure, make sure to consult professionals as creating deep excavations may affect the water. Make sure to keep a great distance as well from the shoreline to your structure.

Maintaining a lake inside your property needs not only hard work but also dedication. This is a never-ending process, but it is gratifying.

A lake serves a lot of purposes. It is not only meant to add aesthetic or increase the value of your property. Also, it is a good source of food for fish. It naturally maintains the wildlife. It is a good source of fun and recreation for the entire family. If you do not exert enough effort to keep and take care of your lake, you are into bigger troubles in the future. An unmaintained lake can harm the environment and is against the law. Maintaining a lake is a commitment you have to keep if you decided to buy a property with a natural lake.