• how to maintain a lake

    6 Ways to Maintain a Lake

    If you have decided to acquire a property with a beautiful lake, your next step is to figure out how to maintain it. A lake inside a property offers such a picturesque view. It gives you a sense of calm…

  • How to Build a Lake on Your Private Property

    How to Build a Lake on Your Private Property

    There are probably many reasons you are interested in building a private lake on your property. You might have a huge piece of land, to begin with, and you love the peace, and quiet fishing on a lake brings. Buying…

  • Lifestyle

    Lake House Winterizing Must-haves

    When the temperature starts to drop during fall, many lake houses, which are often used as a retreat place during summer, are also being prepared to stand the change of weather. Boats are removed from the water to safety, and…

  • Rough River Lake Fish Kinds

    What Kinds of Fish are in Rough River Lake?

    What Kinds of Fish are in Rough River Lake? If you are going to be in Kentucky any time soon, you will want to experience some of the local hotspots. But if you are more into the outdoors than the…

  • Best pontoon swim raft
    Lifestyle,  Watersports

    Best Pontoon Swim Raft

    Everyone wants more space in their home, whether you’re on land or on the water. Yes, on the water. If you own a pontoon boat, you already know how useful pontoon swim rafts are for adding to your limited space.…

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    Top Pontoon Boat Tips, Tricks, and More

    Pontoon boats are versatile and great for both leisure and entertainment. Whether you are into water sports like skiing, or just want to hang out with the family, a pontoon boat is there to suit your needs. Pontoon Boat Handling…