Rough River Lake Fish Kinds

What Kinds of Fish are in Rough River Lake?

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What Kinds of Fish are in Rough River Lake?

If you are going to be in Kentucky any time soon, you will want to experience some of the local hotspots. But if you are more into the outdoors than the city, you need to take time to visit Rough River Lake. With plenty of things to do and opportunities for outdoor activities like fishing, it is a great spot to check out. Whether you’re alone or with the family, there is something for everyone at Rough River Lake.

10 Kinds of Fish found in Rough River Lake

If you are interested in fishing in Rough River Lake, you should first know what you might find in there. This will help you get your bait and gear ready and be able to accommodate for the specific types of fish.


Rough River Lake has eight different types of bass that call it home. Largemouth, smallmouth, Guadalupe, spotted, striped, white, yellow and striped bass hybrids are all occupying the river. Largemouth and smallmouth bass will need to be over 15 inches in length to be kept. You will also need to look at the statewide limits and regulations for catching them as well so you don’t go over the limit.


Channel catfish, blue catfish and flathead catfish all live in the Rough River Lake.


Black and yellow bullheads are both available in the lake.


There are two types of crappie in Rough River Lake. The black crappie and the white crappie both live in the area and are also referred to as white perch. It is important to remember that to keep the crappie you caught, they need to be at least 9 inches in length to be kept. You will also need to look for statewide creel limits before going out.


Bluegills are also referred to as Perch, Sunfish, Sunperch, Brim and Bream.


Four types of sunfish call Rough River Lake home. The green sunfish, longear sunfish, redear sunfish and redbreast sunfish are all available to be caught.


Warmouths are also referred to as Goggle- Eye fish.


The red drum and the freshwater drum are both common in Rough River Lake .


The common carp and grass carp are both found in Rough River Lake.


There are four types of shiner in Rough River Lake. The Texas shiner, blacktail shiner, golden shiner and red shiner all call the lake home.


Threadfin shad and Gizzard shad both reside in Rough River Lake.

Chain Pickerel

Chain pickerel are also known as jackfish or pike.


The Longnose, shortnose, spotted and alligator gar are all found in Rough River Lake.


There are three types of Buffalo fish in Rough River Lake. They include the smallmouth, bigmouth and black buffalo.

American Eel

The American eel is also called the freshwater eel.


Paddlefish are also known as spoonbills, boneless cat, shovelnose cat, and spoonbill cat.


Bowfins are also referred to as grindle, dogfish, cypress trout, mud fish and grinnel.

Rio Grande Cichlid

The Rio Grande Cichlid is also known as the Texas Cichlid and the Rio Grande Perch.

About Rough River Lake

The Commonwealth of Kentucky teamed up with the Army Corp of Engineers back in the 1950’s to create a perfect spot for wildlife to thrive as well as accommodate more recreational activities for people. The 5.100 acre lake is located in Grayson, Hardin and Breckinridge county in Kentucky and is home to the Rough River Dam State Resort Park. This resort offers plenty of activities to do, while being surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Things To Do

If fishing isn’t your thing, or you just want to try out some other activities while you’re there, there is plenty to do around Rough River Lake.

Check Out A Local Event

Rough River Lake almost always has something going on at their State Park Resort. From concerts to craft shows, and even buffets, there are some great opportunities for getting to know the community. The different activities change, so if you don’t like one, there is something new to try out all the time. It is a fantastic way to get involved and meet new people, as well as finding new activities you may want to try out.


In addition to the fishing, you can also enjoy swimming in the water. During the hotter months the lake makes a perfect place to cool off, or just splash around and have some fun.


There are many great places to walk around near Rough River Lake. But if you are more into hiking, you will want to check out Lake Ridge Trail or Folklore Trail. They both offer great views of the area including the shoreline and an old pioneer cabin.

Recreational Activities

If you want to enjoy more of a formal game or workout, you can also enjoy plenty of recreational activities. The lodge offers you the ability to play basketball on a full court, or mini golf, shuffleboard, tennis and volleyball. There are also disc golf competitions in the area.


Rough River Lake offers plenty of beautiful spots to stop and enjoy a picnic. This is a great option for those who want to spend the day on the lake and have their meal there.


If you have children, there are also playgrounds around the area to give them plenty of places to play. Swings, slides and lots of fun can be had, while also making it easy for you to enjoy time with the family.


If you are looking to do some boating or water sports, Rough River is ideal. There are plenty of boats and slips to be rented and the marina is open year round. You can also rent equipment for more specific water sport needs in the area. Using the best fishing kayaks will also be a great way to do your water adventures.


Whether you live in Kentucky, or just passing through, you should take a few hours and go visit Rough River Lake. From fishing to more recreational activities, there is something for everyone to enjoy.