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Everyone wants more space in their home, whether you’re on land or on the water. Yes, on the water. If you own a pontoon boat, you already know how useful pontoon swim rafts are for adding to your limited space. However, you might feel hesitant about buying one. There are different sizes and options for families and different uses. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the top pontoon swim rafts to help you make an informed decision.

Product Reviews

​This giant floating mat by Intex is made to give you lots of space to relax on the water with your friends and family. It’s designed to provide you with the most amount of comfort by keeping you right at the water’s surface. You’ll be able to feel a bit of water to keep cool without feeling like you’re being flooded.

Attach this floating mat to other floats using the float connectors. If you don’t have enough room with one, you’ll certainly have enough space when you connect them together. No matter how many mats you have, they’ll all fold up small for storage until you’re ready to get out on the water again.

  • Relax with friends on the giant floating mat 
  • New design for optimal comfort keeps you right at the water surface, letting just enough water in to keep you cool 
  • Features Intex connect 'N float connectors for use with other floats 
  • 114'' x 84'', 20ga vinyl 
  • Folds small for storage 


  • Easy to walk on, lay on, or stand on
  • Can fit up to 8 people comfortably, and will not need refilling for months
  • It will fold slightly when you’re on it to keep you comfortable


x  It takes a long time to inflate, and there are few instructions for it

​The Aqua Expandable Floating Island Raft gives you a large amount of space. As the name suggests, this platform is expandable, giving you more than enough room to relax in the water with your friends. Lay back on the water-activated fabric, which gets bolder and brighter when it hits the water. Not to mention that it’s so soft, making it perfect for laying out in the sun.
This floating island raft isn’t only eye-catching but durable too. It’s heavy-duty, with extreme buoyancy and stability. There are zippers on three sides of it too, meaning that you’re able to connect multiple planks to create an even bigger island of rafts.
Connect a whole bunch without worrying about toppling it, especially since you have anchor dock points as well. The mooring loops will help you anchor the raft so there are no worries about floating away.
When you’re completely finished, use the EZ in-out air valves, which help the raft deflate and inflate easily. A portable air pump will help you get out on the water even faster.

  • SUPER-SIZED PLANK: Expandable, Floating Party Platform Island for You and Multiple Friends with dimensions 11’ x 5.6’ (333 cm x 171 cm) 
  • WATER ACTIVATED FABRIC: Luxuriously Comfortable Cozi-Soft Fabric gets bolder and brighter when wet. 
  • HEAVY DUTY PLANK: Outstanding Buoyancy and Stability made from 60% thicker material than your normal pool float. 


  • The position of the float makes it comfortable to sit on
  • The mooring loops keep it steady in the water


x  It takes a long time to inflate, and there are few instructions for it

​If you’re looking for top quality, your search stops right here with the Solstice Inflatable Floating Dock. It’s designed to be rigid with high pressure to stay afloat when you step out on the water. Thanks to the drop-stitch construction, this raft will remain strong no matter what you throw at it. This swim raft supports 3 to 5 people, standing or sitting.

Use the 6 stainless steel D-ring tie-downs to keep the raft completely stable. When you want to move it, the 6 reinforced grab handles can help you get a good grip. And once you’re all done, the H3 high-pressure valve is meant to make inflating and deflating easy. Just be sure to inflate between 7 and 10 PSI for the optimal floatation once you’re out on the water.

  • Super-rigid, high-pressure, drop-stitch construction 
  • 3- to 5-person capacity; Comfortably supports standing adults 
  • 6 stainless steel D-ring tie-downs; 6 super-strong, reinforced grab handles 
  • H3 high-pressure valve for quick inflate/deflate 
  • Inflate between 7 and 10 PSI 


  • Even heavier people can stand on it without tipping it
  • It’s easy to climb atop it
  • Very solid feeling underneath your feet


x  It might take some practice to stabilize this raft


Benefits of a Pontoon Swim Raft

All of these rafts are generally easy to install and that they can be used for many uses, not just boating. Attach one to help with swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, or other underwater tasks. They're designed to be stable to increase your available space, but there's more to them than that.



All swim rafts are designed with safety in mind. This means that they are resistant to slipping, have soft and round edges in case you do happen to slip off and are made from durable, high-quality materials. No matter what you encounter, you will remain safe.



The design of a pontoon raft is made stable so that it can support a lot of weight. Your entire crew can stand atop it without it collapsing or tipping over.



In all, having a swim raft means much less work for you. You don’t really need to do much maintenance at all. All you have to do is keep everything clean and free of debris.



You can rest and relax on one of these rafts since they are designed to be large. They have plenty of room to spread out, even if there are other people on the raft. Of course, you won't slip with the patterns underfoot that provide you with some traction.


Ease of Use

With the included ladder some of these options have, you can get in and out of the water with ease. It’s also easy to install the raft and anchor it to keep it perfectly steady. Attach the rope firmly and you can relax without worrying.


It can be difficult to choose the best pontoon swim raft for your needs. You want something durable, strong, and not to mention spacious. Choose a larger option if space is your priority, or pick out one that has the quality you’d like when you go out on the water. No matter which option you choose, you can relax in luxury, floating out over the water in your very own swim platform.

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