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Nautical Décor Ideas for Your Lake House: Cape Town Inspired

It’s impossible not to feel relaxed with a calming nautical design around you, especially when you take Cape Town for your inspiration. Of course, it helps that the nautical option will never go out of fashion. This means that once you’ve got it decorated, you can kick back and relax. You don’t need to obsess about changing everything either: we’ll show you can use nautical décor ideas for your lake house easily.

What is Nautical Décor?

Using simple elements such as stripes, anchors, and other maritime features, nautical interior design recreates the feeling of the ocean. Natural textiles and different types of furniture will add this style to any room, meaning that you can do lake house decoration Cape Town style anywhere.

What exactly should you be looking for with nautical décor, though? Well, you really only need some features that are characteristic of the ocean with some good decorative elements. Try out nautical stripes for a striped blue pattern on your window treatments, rugs, or any other coverings. Keep the colors to a minimum with just a little bit of red to offset the blue.

Sea creatures and nautical maps are huge parts of nautical décor too. You’ll love having starfish around your home for just a touch of the elegant seaside without it being overwhelming. Adding a map along the wall and nautical stars near the window give your room that feeling of adventure only attained on the open water.

Just remember not to go overboard on any of your little decorative elements. You don’t need to have a sea of starfish in your room. In fact, there can definitely be too many elements all mixed together, so keep it simple. A good rule of thumb is to use strong colors like white and blue with some pale pink highlights, and add only a few decorative elements for that pop of nautical style.

Nautical Décor Ideas for Lake House

You have chosen the perfect starfish to match the blue and white curtains. Your furniture has been selected and you have made sure it is made from good natural textiles. Now comes the time to decorate more fully and put all these elements together.

Framed Starfish

Starfish can literally go anywhere in your home to add that nautical element that you’re looking for. If you have a large selection mix them in a frame with your sand dollars and shells. Paint the frame white and outline with starfish for a little bit of ocean fun at an extremely affordable price.

Let’s Talk about Shells

Starfish and shells: two of the best elements for any nautical design. Whether purchased at a store or found walking along the beach, shells are extremely versatile. Just wash your shells free of sand and you can simply place them around the room.

Use any conch shells you found as paperweights, and fill a bottle or cute jar with smaller shells. You can even use some glue with medium-sized shells to make them into magnets or to secure them to your shelves. If you prefer to keep your coffee tables free of clutter, shells are easy to hang up as well.

Decorative Elements

Don’t forget about the regular decorative elements in your home, like the curtains. Drape your curtains to keep your room looking open and airy. Just think of how those light curtains will flow in the breeze, and how they’ll look with the sunlight shining through them.

You can add a few floor rugs also, especially to soften any of the hardwood floors in your home. Rugs come in all materials and designs to fit your taste, whether that’s full of color or more natural earth tones. 

Finally, think about your furniture. Anything white-stained will imitate driftwood and emphasize the coastal appearance in your home. With the wood and minimal colors, you can create a more casual and relaxed atmosphere.

Painting like a Pro

Beach elements are great, but you can also make a few of your decorative pieces yourself. This is a great way to relax with the family while you’re still decorating the beach house.

Don’t worry if you’re not a painting master either. Separate your canvas with some painter’s tape to start. Brush along the top portion with sunset colors and the bottom with various blues to imitate the ocean. The point isn’t to paint a Picaso, but to create a fun DIY piece to match your home..

To the Dollar Store

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a great nautical decoration for your lake house. Honestly, you can find a lot of great things at the dollar store. Just pick up a few candle vases, tissue paper and seashells. Glue a few pieces of tissue paper around the candle vase, fill it with seashells and a candle, then light and enjoy your nautical lighting.


You don't need to get those ugly plastic crates from the store to keep all of your items contained. You can paint your crates yourself—just pick up a wooden crate and some blue or white paint. Paint the crate white and add a blue anchor design for that nautical look. When it's all dry, you can sand the paint a little to add that distressed look too.


You don't have to plaster a menagerie of seashells on your home to make it nautical. There are actually many great ideas that you can apply to your home to make it both practical and nautical at the same time. Paint your cabinets, add some sheer curtains, and have a little fun with your family, adding those decorative elements so that you can enjoy your beach house to its fullest.

What do people eat at Sun Moon Lake? Taiwanese Dish Ideas for your Lake Vacation

Good food has the ability to make any vacation marvelous. When you visit Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan, it is wise to know what type of food to expect. It also helps to know how to make a few recipes. If you would like to know how to prepare a few dishes and where to go on your visit to Sun Moon Lake, then keep reading.

Easy to Make Taiwanese Dishes for Lake Vacation

Ginger Scallion Beef Stir Fry

This recipe requires ten ingredients and takes a total of 30 minutes to prepare. Its main components are beef, ginger, and scallions, and they make a wonderfully tasting combination. It is recommended that large amounts of ginger and scallions are used for the best flavor. It is best served with hot rice.



1 tablespoon of oil

2 teaspoon of cornstarch

2 tablespoons of low sodium soy sauce

½ lb. of beef sirloin or top round (needs to be sliced thinly)

1 tablespoon of rice wine (or as substitute: shaoxing cooking wine)

2 teaspoons of freshly grated ginger

1 teaspoon of cane sugar

Freshly grounded pepper (to taste)

5-6 stalks of scallions

Salt (to taste)

Asian Broccoli Stem Salad

This recipe requires only five ingredients and takes a total of 40 minutes to prepare. Its main component is the part of the broccoli that is not typically eaten, which is the broccoli stem. For this dish, it is best to use organic broccoli that has a wider stem. It’s also best to keep to finished product in the fridge overnight so that the dish can be extra crunchy.


1 teaspoons sesame oil

½ teaspoon of salt

¼ teaspoon of cane sugar

1 clove of garlic, minced (this part is optional)

Broccoli stems


  • First, separate the broccoli stems from the florets and conserve the florets for another dish. For now, all that is needed are the stems.
  • Using a sharp knife, carefully trim off the outer layer of the broccoli skin from the stem. If it is easier, a vegetable peeler can also be used.
  • Next, thoroughly rinse off the stems before cutting them into bite size pieces.
  • After placing the broccoli stems in a small bowl, season them with salt and garlic. Let them marinate for 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, any excess liquid can be drained from the bowl. Next, rinse off the broccoli and drain them to remove any excess salt that may remain.
  • Lastly, add the sesame oil and cane sugar and place the dish in the refrigerator to serve cold.

Chinese Chili Sauce

This dish is almost a guarantee at any Asian restaurant. It only requires 6 ingredients and it only takes 15 minutes to prepare. This dish is a staple for anyone who enjoys spicy chili sauce. However, it is important to sample the peppers before using them to use a big batch, so that the dish will not be too spicy to eat.


¼ teaspoon of salt

¼ teaspoon of sugar

3-4 tablespoons of canola oil

5 red fresno chilies

1 teaspoon of white wine vinegar

1 clove of garlic


  • Lightly saute the chopped chilies in a pan on low heat for a minute, and allow all the extra moisture to cook off the chilies
  • Add sugar, salt, canola oil, and vinegar and then continue to saute the chilies for an additional 6-8 minutes
  • Reduce the heat and add in the garlic. Saute for another minute, allowing the flavors from the garlic to absorb in the chili and then let it cool before serving.

Taiwanese Tea Oil Noodles

This dish is often served for breakfast and only requires 10 minutes to prepare. The noodles cook fairly quickly, and they are often served with Tea Seed oil, which has a very unique taste. The oil can be described as slightly bitter-sweet combined with light soy sauce and a bit of sesame oil.


1 bunch of dried noodles (thin)

Toasted sesame oil (drizzled over the noodles)

1-2 tablespoon of Tea Seed Oil (can be substituted with olive oil)

1-2 teaspoons of light soy sauce

Cilantro (to garnish the dish)


  • Raise the water to a boil and cook the noodles for 3-5 minutes, or until finished cooking
  • Drain the noodles and toss with the sauces before serving

Authentic Taiwanese Milk Tea (Bubble Tea)

This is a famous drink invented in Taiwan in the 1980’s. It’s a drink with a tea base that’s very popular in Starbucks in Taiwan. Many times, tapioca pearls, lychee jelly, or coffee jelly is mixed in to add a chewy texture to enjoy along with the drink.


8 oz.- 10 oz. of hot water

Ice cubes

2-3 tablespoons of cane sugar

2-3 tablespoons of vegan creamer

2 bags of Red Rose Tea Original Blend

Cooked boba or tapioca pearls

Taiwanese 3 Cup Chicken

This dish gets its name because it was traditionally cooked with 3 cups consisting of 1 cup of soy sauce, 1 cup of rice wine, and 1 cup of sesame oil. This dish has a great reputation because of how well the flavors pair together. It’s savory and sweet simultaneously and also has a hint of spiciness with the fragrance of red basil leaves. This dish is best served with plenty of white rice and a plain garlic stir fry. This dish takes a total of 25 minutes to prepare.
15-20 cloves of garlic, peeled (don’t skimp on the garlic; this gives it taste)
1 small piece of ginger, sliced
1-1 ½ lb. of chicken drumettes
Fresh Thai basil leaves (red basil)

For the sauce:
⅓ cup of rice wine
½ teaspoon of salt
2 tablespoons of cane sugar
⅓ cup of Asian sesame oil
1 teaspoon of dried chili flakes
⅓ cup of soy sauce (low sodium)

Before adding in the sauce mixture, first brown the chicken for a few minutes
For 15-20 minutes, cook the chicken and the sauce mixture together
When mixture is almost finished cooking, add the fresh basil leaves and stir fry, and cover the pan with a top for 1 minute to simmer
After moving the dish to a serving bowl, serve it hot


There are plenty of restaurants and cafes to eat at Sun Moon Lake. We also highly recommend that you try street food instead. There is a vast array of foods to try that are unique to only that part of Taiwan. Here are different foods that you should consider trying during your visit to Sun Moon Lake.

Roasted Millet Muah Chee (Mochi)

What makes the Muah-chee different at Sun Moon Lake is the fact that they are made from a special species that are unique to the Thao tribe. They are molded into a triangle and served after being roasted over a fire. They are seasoned to taste according to your preference, which is something that is not prevalent in other parts of Taiwan.

Wild Boar Sausages/ Skewers

Wild Boar Sausages are a must have while you visit Sun Moon Lake because they are a specialty of the aboriginal Taiwanese people. You will see many food stalls selling selling Wild Boar Sausages.

Sun Moon Lake Assam Red Tea

Sun Moon Lake is actually famous for their black tea. It is known as the Ruby Red #18 or Assam Red Tea. You will see many stalls selling a number of bubble teas and bubble milk teas that are made from the tea leaves of this unique type of tea.

Fan Fan Chicken Wings

Fan Fan Chicken Wings are popular with both locals and tourists who visit Sun Moon Lake. The chicken wings are deboned and then stuffed with rice that is indigenous only to the Thao tribe. You also have the option to add cucumber, chili, pepper, or spring onions according to your taste. If you are a huge fan of spicy food, it is suggested that you request more servings of chili paste and pepper.

President Fish

The President fish is also known as Aruzay. Its name stemmed from when former president Chang Kai-shek visited the area and was served that fish. From that time onward, Aruzay was known as the President’s fish. It’s best to have this fish steamed to preserve the taste. It does have a lot of small bones, so it is important to be very careful when eating it. The fish has a fresh taste and the meat is very tender.


Exploring the Lake

There are no ticket fees to enter Sun Moon Lake. It’s completely free to visit. A popular activity for visitors of the lake is to take a boat tour around the lake. You are able to buy tickets for that at the counter of the Shuishe Visitor Centre.

The ferry is also a popular mode of transportation because it allows you to cover a lot of the lake and enables you to reach all the main destinations. The ferry has three stops. The first stop is Shuishe, which is the main pier. The second stop is Xuanguang Pier, which is the home to a legendary tea egg store. It has been run by the same woman for about 50 years. The last stop is Ita Thao, which is home to many food stalls with delicious food to try.

Where to Stay

Ita Thao is a popular place for tourists to stay while visiting Sun Moon Lake. Many of the hotels at the pier provide a beautiful view of the water.

Wen Wu Temple

Wen Wu Temple is located at the edge of Sun Moon Lake. It’s majestic appearance is enough to wow any passersby and it provides a wonderful view of the lake from there as well. Below the temple there are 366 steps known as “Year of Steps”. Each step represents one day of the year. On each one of the steps is carved a date and the names of internationally famous people born on those corresponding dates. Information about the 24 solar periods are also carved into the steps with purpose of educating people about China’s traditional folk culture as they walk up the steps.

Interestingly enough, before the road to the temple was built, visitors had to take a boat to the pier below the temple. They had to climb up a steep flight of stairs to get to the temple. This is what gave the stairway its nickname: Stairway to Heaven.

Visitors have hung wind chimes by the stairs. The windchimes have their specific Chinese animal zodiac sign.


Sun Moon Lake has a wealth of delicious foods to try. These foods are rich in history and culture. It also has a number of beautiful sights to see. By learning recipes for dishes, foods that you should try, and places you should visit at Sun Moon Lake, you’ll now know what to expect on your trip there.

Why do you need to use a Kneeling Pad for your Canoe?

Whether you canoe regularly or are just about to try it for the first time, you’ll find that kneeling is the best position for several reasons. However, you might also quickly find out that kneeling can be very uncomfortable after a while without the proper support of a kneeling pad.

A kneeling pad is a simple accessory that can be easily taken and placed at the bottom of the canoe to add a soft cushion for your knees to rest on. Not only will this protect you from discomfort during your canoe ride, but it will also save you from any bruising, soreness or even injuries afterward. As with any sport or outdoor activity, you should always take the proper safety precautions to protect yourself from injury.

Proper cushion and support under your knees will allow you to enjoy your time out on the water without having to hassle with adjusting your posture and rocking the boat too much. This is why it’s so important to invest in a reliable and durable kneeling pad.



If you’re ready to invest in a comfortable, supportive kneeling pad for canoeing this is an excellent option. This kneeling pad is one of the most comfortable ones available. It’s made from the highest quality Eva foam material and is ½ inch thicker than most kneeling pads out there. Anyone can comfortably use it and have space to move around thanks to its extra-large size option.

The water-resistant material makes it a great option for canoeing and very easy to wipe dry. Its durable build means it will last even after years of use - it will always retain its shape even after heavy use, and resist tears and breakdown. A convenient handle makes it easily portable so you can take it along wherever you may need it. It’s even great for other activities besides just canoeing, so you know you’ll get plenty of use out of it.

This product comes in a two-pack, so you can save the other one for future use, give it to a friend or designate it for other things like gardening or housework.

Best Features:

  • Premium quality material for durability and longevity
  • Water-resistant foam
  • Excellent knee support
  • Extra-large option available for extra comfort
  • Can be used to a variety of activities

Advantages of Kneeling in Your Canoe

There are several positions that you can use while paddling and all have their advantages. However, most people find that kneeling is the most ideal position for canoeing, both solo and with others in the canoe, for several reasons.

Although you’ll need to experiment and see which posture and position works best for you and your canoe, there are many advantages to consider that come along with using the kneeling position when it comes to control of the canoe and your overall performance.

Increased Stability 

In canoeing, stability is the key to keeping the boat upright. When you’re in the kneeling position, your center of gravity is low and sturdy. A solid foundation helps you stay balanced and prevent excessive rocking while you paddle. You’ll find the most stability if you’re able to kneel with your knees spread wider apart. This allows you to ground down and distribute your weight as evenly as possible.

In addition to stabilizing the canoe while actually on the water, it’s also helpful for the first person in the canoe to be kneeling to stabilize the boat for others to easily board without it rocking too much. Boarding can be one of the trickiest parts of canoeing for some people, so this is a great way to help ease the process.

Increased Control of the Canoe

Unlike sitting on a seat, kneeling allows you to have more direct contact with the actual canoe. This allows to easily control the motion and direction of the canoe. You might need to quickly change directions or offset the motion of rough water, and being low and in direct contact with the canoe itself is going to give you the most control.

If the wind is high, the water is wavy, or you’re in a canoe with any children or pets, it’s going to be especially important to be able to shift your center of gravity and the tilt of the canoe at a second’s notice. This can save you from tipping the canoe and ending up in the water.

Relieves the Pressure on your Back

Paddling through water takes a lot of strength and can be very straining on the muscles. When you’re seated, you mostly rely on the power of your upper back and body which can become tiresome and leave you sore for days after. However, paddling in the kneeling position gives you the power of both your lower and upper body. You’re able to use the strength or your legs to push off of the canoe and use your lower back more efficiently.

The back can be strained or injured, which  can cause lasting damage and discomfort, so it’s essential to protect it. Especially if you enjoy being active and doing outdoor activities like canoeing. You don’t want to be recovering from a day of canoeing for weeks after. Kneeling will allow you to harness the power of the whole body so you aren’t relying solely on your back.

Allows for More Powerful Paddling

This also goes along with taking all the pressure off of your back and gaining the power of your legs and lower body. You’re able to use more of your muscles to push through the water making you go faster and further with each paddle.

Since the kneeling posture will give you the most stability, you’ve got more leverage while paddling. You’re also able to push through the resistance of the water more easily, which is great if you’re canoeing on your own or just want to move faster in general.

Offset the Canoe When Paddling Alone

Being alone in a large canoe can make it tricky to control and it’s important to know how to offset the negative space. Often called “heeling” the canoe, solo canoers find it easiest to keep the boat at a pronounced tilt. They do this by shifting the weight of their body to one side that they’re able to offset their paddling side. By heeling the canoe as a solo rider, you’ll be able to better maneuver and control the boat alone.

Heeling is most easily done while kneeling. Attempting to do so while in a seated position can be very difficult and you won’t have as much balance while paddling. Covering more surface area of the floor of the canoe will allow for easier control of the tilt and motion. Otherwise, it can sometimes feel like the canoe is steering you, instead of you steering it.

Importance of Knee Pads While Canoeing

Although canoeing might seem like a gentle, carefree sport, there are always risks of injury and challenges to overcome. If you’re going to kneel in the canoe it’s so important to take the proper safety precautions to protect yourself just like you would in any other sport.

Investing on a kneeling pad comes with many advantages and is a must-have for canoeing safely. Kneeling pads aren’t just for immediate comfort, they’re going to help protect you from long term injuries.

Your Knees are Very Fragile

The knees have very little protection of their own. The patella, or kneecap, is very vulnerable, with just a sheer layer of muscle and skin covering it. When your knee is bent, it’s even more susceptible to injuries such as fractures or getting out of alignment. The muscles and ligaments that surround the knee are also easy to tear and strain.

General wear and tear on your knees over time can cause lasting issues but can be prevented with protection and padding. Using a kneeling pad or knee pads is going to give your knees the protection they need and save you from future injuries and pain.

A knee injury can be very painful and inconvenient, sometimes even requiring surgery and long healing times. This can put you out of work, keep you from doing your favorite activities and just make daily life very difficult.

Better Performance 

Simply using a kneeling pad can help make everything easier while canoeing. The surface of the canoe can be very slippery with the water entering the boat and once you start to sweat if you’re wearing shorts. When this is the case, your knees can start slipping, making it difficult for you to leverage yourself and push against the canoe. You’re trying to push against the water with the paddle, so you must have good leverage in the canoe. 

Padding can be helpful because it gives you resistance to push against and grip so that you can easily stay in place. This will allow you to have much more power and control while paddling and keeps you from sliding around too much.

Added comfort, in general, can give you a boost of confidence and energy to push harder and focus on your posture and overall technique instead of constantly adjusting. Often when we’re uncomfortable, we compromise our posture in other ways to try and compensate. For instance, if one foot is hurting, you might put more weight on the other one.

Prevent Soreness and Fatigue 

Sitting on your knees for long periods can be tiring and cause major soreness, and even bruising. A comfy kneeling pad will allow you to keep canoeing comfortably so you can go further and enjoy yourself without focusing on your knees.

There’s nothing worse than getting too far from the dock and not have the energy or being too sore to get back.

Ensuring that you’re able to sit comfortably is also going to allow you to stay still so that you don’t have to adjust your position too much. Too much movement in the canoe is a recipe for disaster and can cause the canoe to tip over.

Prevent Bruising and Scrapes

Even kneeling for just a few seconds cause bruising on your knees. So you can imagine kneeling for a long time on a hard surface like a canoe floor can cause some nasty bruises on your knees that could last for weeks. Some soft padding to kneel on will help to prevent bruising.

A kneeling pad will also protect the skin on your knees from and cuts or scrapes from the canoe itself or if any small rocks or debris that are sitting on the floor. Kneeling on loose gravel can be a miserable experience.


Kneeling while canoeing comes with many advantages but can come with discomfort and risk of injury if you don’t have the right protection. This is where your kneeling pad comes in. It will give your knees the proper support and comfort to keep you safe from injury and soreness.

If you’re going to be kneeling and don’t already have a kneeling pad, definitely check out the Growerology Thick & Large Kneeling Pad. The thick, comfy foam will provide your knees with comfort for long canoeing sessions, allowing you to go further and faster. It’s durable and built to last so you can trust that it will hold up even after continued use and exposure to sun and water.

Like other sports canoeing can be so much fun, but it does require the proper protective equipment to ensure that you are both comfortable and safe. Since kneeling is the best way to sit and paddle for many reasons, you must take the right steps, like using a kneeling pad, to make sure you have the best experience possible while protecting yourself.

10 Best Lake House Attire

10 Best Lake House Attire

There's nothing more difficult than packing. Instead of grabbing whatever you've got and running off to the lake house, check out these 10 best lake house outfits to make your packing a little easier.

Product Reviews: LAKE HOUSE ATTIRE


​It’s hard to find a good pair of outdoor cargo shorts for men. Check out this option from Wrangler to see if it works for you. Made from 99 percent cotton, these shorts zip closed and can be machine washed. They’re in the traditional cargo style, meaning that they’re built for both versatility and comfort.
Slip your phone into your pockets, since you have six pockets in total, and still look great with the relaxed fit of these shorts. It helps that the 10-inch seam will keep you comfortable for the entire day even underneath the sun near the lake.


  • The bit of spandex in the waist keeps you comfortable

  • Generally comfortable

  • Very lightweight


  • The colors and materials are sometimes off

Patterned blouse

Honestly, finding a good blouse can sometimes feel like too much trouble. You want an option that looks great but that won't leave you feeling too hot when you're by the lake. Make your lake house attire with this patterned blouse though, which hangs off your shoulder comfortably with a lot of fits. The flared sleeves look great, and the loose fit will cover all body shapes. Show off your beauty with this blouse for all seasons, and in casual and formal venues, or just at the lake.


  • Fits well due to the flowing quality

  • Drapes very well to cover you

  • Made very well with good quality


  • Sizing may be a little snug

Blouse Tie Knot

​If you're looking for a cute top, look no further than this blouse. You can button it up to feel the comfortable polyester and spandex. It's made to be very soft, although do know that the white color is a little bit see-through. You might not even care about that with the knitted design and breathable fabric. It's a lightweight lake outfit option that's perfect for outdoor wear lots of time spent right around the water.


  • Fits great for the money

  • The shirt is soft

  • Doesn’t shrink from washing


  • You’ll need to order larger for a baggier look

One-piece swimsuit

It can be difficult to find a good one-piece swimsuit that doesn't look like a train wreck, but this option is both elegant and beautiful. It has a high neck design with a padded push-up bra and hooks closure. This means that it will support you and shape your figure. The see-through mesh style in the front will help you be flirty without you needing to show too much skin, while the quality will keep you comfortable when you've come in from the water. It's wonderful that this one-piece comes in all sizes for all body shapes as well.


  • Very sexy while still covering you up

  • The band under the chest will help contour you

  • Curves all body shapes


  • You’ll need to go up a size to feel comfortable

Cropped Pants

Who says that women can’t find a good pair of pants with pockets? These cropped pants look great, have two patch pockets that Velcro on the side to hold all of your items. The waist is elastic, which means that it will fit all body shapes and sizes, and the length is cropped. This lake attire is made to look great on you while the elastic bands on the legs keep you feeling comfortable. Pick out your color and hang back on the lake with this spandex and polyester blend.


  • It has an easy fit

  • Many body shapes feel comfortable with it

  • The fabric is great underneath the sun


  • Not a lot of people have tried these

Striped Polo

​A polo is always a good option when you're relaxing outside. This striped polo option is made to be a comfortable cotton and polyester blend, with a button closure up near the neck. Throw it in the washing machine after you've worn it, but hopefully, you won't be dealing with too much sweat thanks to the moisture-wicking fabric.
This shirt is designed to stay cool and dry for the entire day, making it perfect for the man on the move. Not to mention that the design and fabric are crisp and can stretch to keep you completely comfortable throughout the day. It helps that the collar is roll-resistant and doesn't require ironing either.


  • The fabric is soft and durable

  • Great air circulation during the summer

  • The shirt has a natural stretch to it


  • The fabric will shrink a little in washing

Denim Shorts

​For a good pair of denim shorts that aren't too short, look no further than this amazing option. It closes with a button and has a straight fit that makes your curves look great. The fabric itself is distressed lightly with a bit of a frayed hem for the sake of style. They're designed with a mid-rise style for a low-slung slouchy fit without being uncomfortable. The best part of these shorts is the easy casual look, and of course, the classic five pockets that will still fit even larger items like your phone.


  • The fit is very well

  • It’s easy to wash these shorts since they’re durable

  • The fabric resists wrinkling


  • Not many people have tried these shorts

Straw Hat

You’ll never know that you need a straw hat until you’re sitting outside trying to squint out at your family out over the lake. This straw hat is made to help shade your eyes while fitting over your head comfortably thanks to the adjustable closure. If it rains, you can easily hand wash this hat, but otherwise, you can pick out your color and just relax with it on your head. Thanks to the style, you can feel comfortable and relaxed while enjoying some time outdoors.


  • The cowboy shape is comfortable

  • Using oil makes it more bendable

  • Great shape to cover your eyes


  • It's quite fragile, dry, and brittle


A night out on the lake is always relaxing—until you’re cold and you don’t have a blanket with you. There’s nothing better than having this hoodie though. It closes with a zipper and washes easily in your washing machine.

The fleece is thick and soft to keep you warm, while the cover-seam neck and armholes will keep out air as you move. On top of that, the pill-resistant fabric is made to have high-stitch density, which means that this hoodie will be even more durable. For style, you can’t go wrong with the ribbed waistband and cuffs, along with the kangaroo pocket.


  • Extremely comfortable

  • Very durable and great for the outdoors

  • Warm and soft for the winter


  • You might want a size up; they’re snug in your size

Dress for Kids

Let's not forget about getting a dress for your kid for the lake. This polyester and spandex blend is perfect for your little girl since it's made to be comfortable and to slip on easily. The dress is short-sleeved to keep her comfortable, while the ruffled sleeves add a classic cut. But rest assured that this dress is made for more than looking nice. Since the fabric is slightly stretchable, you don't need to worry about your kids playing together outside or about the dress getting dirty.


  • The sizing matches children perfectly

  • Very comfortable and soft

  • The fabric is lightweight and breathablev


  • Can be a little big for some children

Reasons to Visit a Lake House With Your Family

There is any number of reasons to go along with your family to visit a lake house. Besides the obvious fact that it's an amazing vacation option, of course.


You’re right on the water at a lake house. This is pretty obvious, but think about everything that you’ll be able to do with your significant other, your family, and your children. You can be out on the water at any time of the day on a boat, reading, or in your swimsuits. There are so many things for you to do right in your backyard.

Vacation Time

Take a load off and relax. If you're feeling exhausted from the city life and daily life, take a minute to go out and relax on the lake. Let the water calm you down and just take out the stress from your daily life. Honestly, that's one of the best things about being at the lake house: you can take a little break from your daily life.

Food Options

​Even if you’re just cooking for yourself, going to the lake house with your family is a great opportunity to enjoy some new food options. Check out the fresh food around the area, and try cooking new things with some ingredients that you might have not tried at home.

Outfit to Pack for Lake House Tips

You’re going to the lake house, but the real problem is what to pack before you get there. Instead of the usual vacation method most people use—packing everything—let’s think about what outfits you can coordinate to wear while you’re there.


​Think about your comfortable clothing. On those rainy days out on the lake when you just want to sit inside, you’ll want a soft sweater to relax in. Pair that with a good pair of shorts that you can wear either inside or outside when you go out to the water. This way, you won’t have to roll them up when you go out to stand in the water.

Don't forget your comfortable pants when you just want to relax inside. These pants will be perfect to wear at any time and will keep you feeling warm when you just want to sit around and have a nice meal with your family.

Always Bring Jeans

​You might think that you don't want to wear jeans when you're supposed to be relaxing. But jeans are a great option for being in nature. They're perfect for keeping your legs safe while walking through the woods and will prevent your legs from being bitten by bugs while you're sitting around the fire at night.

Jeans are also great for multiple weather options. If the weather changes suddenly, you’ll have a nice warm option. You’ll also have multiple style choices, not to mention that jeans look great with just about any top.

Great Swimsuits

​You can’t go to the lake house without an amazing swimsuit option. Try to pick out a suit that feels comfortable, but that will also be great underneath your outfit. With a pair of jeans and a cardigan, you can wear your swimsuit comfortably.
Accessorize your suit with a few other items too. Add in a straw hat to relax outdoors without the sun in your eyes, or a good pair of sunglasses to help you feel comfortable when you’re reading out by the water.

A Perfect Top

There are tons of options for tops. Pick out a flowery top to work with those vacation vibes, or something loose to relax in. You can pull on a great shirt with any outfit, from a loose option to a buttoned option. Check out the fabric too before you choose, and make sure that you have something comfortable that you can wear all the time.


Instead of just throwing all your clothing into your suitcase before you go, think about what outfits might be best for you to wear. From comfort to practicality, you have a lot of options available here, all of which will help you enjoy your time out on the lake with your family.

Top 10 Lake House Must-Haves

Top 10 Lake House Must-Haves

​Everyone loves spending summers out on the lake. Lakehouse trips are great fun for the whole family, and there is always something for everyone to do. Children love swimming and splashing in the water, and long summer nights listening to the wildlife can be serene.

There are a few items that are an absolute necessity for any lake house. These fun accessories will help you get the most out of your lake trip and help you enjoy the time you spend out on the water. This summer, make your trip to the lake house even better with these fantastic items.

Product Reviews

Hanging beds

If you enjoy hammocking, you’ll absolutely love lounging in a comfortable hanging bed. This hanging bed would be a great accessory to any lake house porch and will provide you with a comfortable spot to relax, nap, read or simply enjoy the view.

The bed is equipped with a sturdy wooden rod to keep it supported and comes with everything you need to hang it. It also includes the seat cushions for maximum comfort.


  • Quick, easy set up

  • Sturdy

  • Can handle a good amount of weight


  • Somewhat small

Lake House Chairs

Many outdoor chairs are bulky, uncomfortable and awkward. Thankfully, these outdoor folding rocking chairs are a great alternative to conventional outdoor folding chairs. This chair is ultra comfortable with padded armrests, a convenient cup holder and a tall height to make sitting and standing easier. In addition, it also rocks back and forth so you can have the comfort of a traditional rocking chair in the outdoors.


  • Easy to fold and carry

  • More comfortable than other folding chairs

  • Large seat


  • Frame does not have longevity

Seaweeds Cutter

​If you haven’t been out to the lake house for a while, you may return to find that your lake shore or dock has been overcome with weeds. The Weed Razor comes in handy to help you smoothly and swiftly remove all the weeds with a limited amount of effort.
The v-shaped tool is razor sharp and covers a path of 30 inches. All you have to do is throw it out in the direction you want and pull it back, eliminating all the weeds in between.


  • Strong and durable

  • Cuts cleanly and smoothly

  • Very lightweight


  • Assembly instructions aren’t clear

Floating Raft

Relaxing in the lake will never be as easy as it is with a floating raft. This raft is completely designed for comfort with a backrest to lean on and a mesh bottom to keep you comfortably supported in the raft. You’ll also love the sturdy handles to hold onto and the cupholders are definitely a plus. You can relax with friends or simply float by yourself in this fantastic inflatable raf


  • Has a comfortable backrest and mesh bottom

  • Comes with cup holders

  • Sturdy and stable


  • Punctures easily

Floating Mat

​Although it’s not as common as other lake toys such as innertubes and rafts, a floating mat is an absolute lake house must-have for summer fun and relaxation.
It can be used to sit on and pull behind a boat, it can be tethered to relax and sunbathe out on the water, or it can even be used as a floating table to set drinks and play games on. You’ll be amazed at how much fun this mat can bring the whole family.


  • Difficult to sink

  • Does not tear easily

  • Holds up to a lot of weight


  • Difficult to roll and unroll

Floating Pong Table

​This floating pong table is the perfect toy for the adult’s trip to the lake. This extra long 6-foot raft is strong, durable and easy to inflate. Each side has 10 cup holders in a pyramid shape, and there are more cup holders outlining the perimeter and a slot for pong balls.

A great feature of the table is the cooler in the middle, so you don’t have to get out of the water to get another drink. Finally, the table can also be used as a lounging raft, as it can hold the weight of an adult.


  • Great for outdoor parties

  • Large and deep to store many drinks

  • Easy to drain and refill all day long


  • Easy to over inflate

Floating Cooler

A day partying on the lake is incomplete without cold drinks and plenty of food. That’s where this awesome inflatable cooler comes in handy. Simply inflate, set up, load with ice, then fill up the cooler with drinks, salads, fruit bowls, and other party snacks that need to be kept cold. The cooler is convenient to drain and refill, so it can be used all day long.


  • Great for outdoor parties

  • Large and deep to store many drinks

  • Easy to drain and refill all day long


  • Easy to over inflate

Floating Duck with Hammock

Everyone loves to spend time in the water, but swimming and back floating can get tiring after a while. This multi-functional floating hammock is perfect for kicking back and relaxing in the water. This hammock is constructed with comfortable, floating head and foot rests connected by a strong sheet of mesh to keep you supported in the water. You can use the hammock to lay on your back, float on your stomach or sit in, like a chair or saddle seat.


  • Easy to pack and store

  • High weight capacity

  • 4-in-1 design


  • Pillow damages easily

Weeds Cutting Tools

If you need a good weed-cutting tool but prefer a more traditional method, this simple weed remover is the one for you. This weed cutter has a 54-inch handle that will give you great reach for tackling weeds in difficult places. It is guaranteed to destroy weeds with its heat-treated, self-sharpening blade that works by removing weeds from below the soil.


  • Works better than using a regular hoe

  • Great for use in gardens as well as the lake

  • Self-sharpening


  • Not good for large clumps

Lake Pillow

​A lakehouse won’t feel like a home until it has a little bit of personalized decoration. You can use it as a throw pillow on the couch, a decorative bed pillow, or even put it on your porch seating area. It’s small size makes it adaptable to any space and it is completely machine washable, so it’s easy to clean if it gets dirty outside.


  • Machine washable

  • Looks nice on furniture

  • Insert is easy to find


  • Printed, not stitched

Selecting Lake House Furniture


​Begin with the Bare Essentials

Start off decorating your home with the most basic pieces of furniture, such as chairs, tables and couches. Be certain that the furniture you select will fit in the space you have, and will fulfill the function you want. After you have selected and arranged your more basic pieces of furniture, you can move on to thinking about other accessory items such as bookshelves or stereos


Think of the Functionality of Your Furniture

Take some time to think about the functionality that your furniture will provide and what activities you will be doing the most. Both aspects will be important in choosing what type of furniture you will be purchasing and where you place them.

If you want your living room to serve as an entertainment center for you and your guests, you may choose to have a television as a centerpiece of the room. Or have a place where you can serve drinks and food to your guests while hosting a party.


Measure Living Room and Take Note of the Existing Architecture

Before buying any of your furniture, you will need to do an accurate measurement of your living room and create a floor plan. This way, you can figure out how to make proper placements for each piece of furniture while still having clear pathways to move around easily. In addition to furniture placement, you may want to have them arranged in a way that suits your personal tastes.

After taking measurements, outline each item on the floor itself with either masking or painter’s tape. This will give you a visual of the space each item will take up and you will be able to clearly see traffic patterns.

Also take some time to evaluate the existing architecture of your living room, such as the windows, columns, and the design of the room itself. Make sure that the furniture you select will fit the interior design while fitting properly according to the floor plan you created. You and your guests will take great pleasure in a well planned and constructed interior design


​Choosing and Coordinating High Quality Furniture

Once you are ready to move to the next step, choose some high quality furniture that will look good in your lake home. Design alone should not be the determining factor for the furniture you select though. Quality matters too. High quality furniture will be a bit more expensive than regular furniture, but it will be more valuable and remain durable for much longer in comparison.

To coordinate your furniture, make sure that it goes well with the other furniture and design elements of your lake house. The theme of the interior and the placement of the furniture should complement each other and make sense design-wise. The same goes for any other types of accent furniture you choose to place in your lake house.

Lake House Design Tips


 Know the Different Styles

There are two commonly popular lake house styles to consider when you are thinking of building it from the ground up. One is craftsman style and the other is cottage style.

Craftsman style houses make use of natural materials for its construction and has a centrally located fireplace. Cottage style houses are open-plan homes that are usually constructed with diamond panes and bay windows, which contribute to its overall sense and appearance of coziness.


Learn how to Best Construct Each Area of the House

Every room will be constructed differently but they will ultimately work together to create a nice and welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests. Keep in mind that your exterior may have as much impact on the appeal of your lake house as the interior. So design your exterior in a way that you and your guests can relax while taking in the gorgeous scenery and other amazing features that your lake house offers.

Safety Items to Have in Your Lake House

First Aid Kits

One of the biggest lake houses must-haves in regards to safety is a first aid kit. An emergency can strike at any moment and it is essential to always be prepared for accidents or medical emergencies with an accessible first aid kit. First aid kits will usually consist of multiple adhesive bandages, compress dressings, antiseptic wipes, and tweezers among many other items.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are a necessity for every home. Make sure your smoke alarm is up to date and place full batteries into them upon installation and replace them every six months. Install smoke alarms on every level of your house so you can have the best maximum smoke alarm detection.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors should also be installed on every level of your house for safety purposes. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, and extremely dangerous. It is difficult to properly detect without a carbon monoxide detector. Make sure that your carbon monoxide detectors are on at all times and that you replace their batteries every six months.

Battery Operated Flashlights

Battery operated flashlights are useful during power outages and traveling outdoors at night. Make sure you carry a battery operated flashlight if you plan to be outside during the night. Stock extra batteries for when you need replacements.

Life Vests

Since you are surrounded by a lake based environment, there is a good chance that you own a boat and enjoy recreational water activities. Life vests are essential for the safety of you and your family. Even if you and your family are expert swimmers, life vests are still a necessary safety precaution that can save your life in dire situations.


Your lake house is meant to be your home away from home. It’s important to be well prepared and to stock up everything you need to have the best vacation. Go through our list of lake house must-haves and make sure you’re all prepared to have the best time away from home!

What Kinds of Fish are in Rough River Lake?

What Kinds of Fish are in Rough River Lake?

If you are going to be in Kentucky any time soon, you will want to experience some of the local hotspots. But if you are more into the outdoors than the city, you need to take time to visit Rough River Lake. With plenty of things to do and opportunities for outdoor activities like fishing, it is a great spot to check out. Whether you’re alone or with the family, there is something for everyone at Rough River Lake.

10 Kinds of Fish
found in Rough River Lake


If you are interested in fishing in Rough River Lake, you should first know what you might find in there. This will help you get your bait and gear ready and be able to accommodate for the specific types of fish.


Rough River Lake has eight different types of bass that call it home. Largemouth, smallmouth, Guadalupe, spotted, striped, white, yellow and striped bass hybrids are all occupying the river. Largemouth and smallmouth bass will need to be over 15 inches in length to be kept. You will also need to look at the statewide limits and regulations for catching them as well so you don’t go over the limit.


Channel catfish, blue catfish and flathead catfish all live in the Rough River Lake.


Black and yellow bullheads are both available in the lake.


There are two types of crappie in Rough River Lake. The black crappie and the white crappie both live in the area and are also referred to as white perch. It is important to remember that to keep the crappie you caught, they need to be at least 9 inches in length to be kept. You will also need to look for statewide creel limits before going out.


Bluegills are also referred to as Perch, Sunfish, Sunperch, Brim and Bream.


Four types of sunfish call Rough River Lake home. The green sunfish, longear sunfish, redear sunfish and redbreast sunfish are all available to be caught.


Warmouths are also referred to as Goggle- Eye fish.


The red drum and the freshwater drum are both common in Rough River Lake .


The common carp and grass carp are both found in Rough River Lake.


There are four types of shiner in Rough River Lake. The Texas shiner, blacktail shiner, golden shiner and red shiner all call the lake home.


Threadfin shad and Gizzard shad both reside in Rough River Lake.

Chain Pickerel

Chain pickerel are also known as jackfish or pike.


The Longnose, shortnose, spotted and alligator gar are all found in Rough River Lake.


There are three types of Buffalo fish in Rough River Lake. They include the smallmouth, bigmouth and black buffalo.

American Eel

The American eel is also called the freshwater eel.


Paddlefish are also known as spoonbills, boneless cat, shovelnose cat, and spoonbill cat.


Bowfins are also referred to as grindle, dogfish, cypress trout, mud fish and grinnel.

Rio Grande Cichlid

The Rio Grande Cichlid is also known as the Texas Cichlid and the Rio Grande Perch.

About Rough River Lake

The Commonwealth of Kentucky teamed up with the Army Corp of Engineers back in the 1950’s to create a perfect spot for wildlife to thrive as well as accommodate more recreational activities for people. The 5.100 acre lake is located in Grayson, Hardin and Breckinridge county in Kentucky and is home to the Rough River Dam State Resort Park. This resort offers plenty of activities to do, while being surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Things To Do

If fishing isn’t your thing, or you just want to try out some other activities while you’re there, there is plenty to do around Rough River Lake.

Check Out A Local Event

Rough River Lake almost always has something going on at their State Park Resort. From concerts to craft shows, and even buffets, there are some great opportunities for getting to know the community. The different activities change, so if you don’t like one, there is something new to try out all the time. It is a fantastic way to get involved and meet new people, as well as finding new activities you may want to try out.


In addition to the fishing, you can also enjoy swimming in the water. During the hotter months the lake makes a perfect place to cool off, or just splash around and have some fun.


There are many great places to walk around near Rough River Lake. But if you are more into hiking, you will want to check out Lake Ridge Trail or Folklore Trail. They both offer great views of the area including the shoreline and an old pioneer cabin.

Recreational Activities

If you want to enjoy more of a formal game or workout, you can also enjoy plenty of recreational activities. The lodge offers you the ability to play basketball on a full court, or mini golf, shuffleboard, tennis and volleyball. There are also disc golf competitions in the area.


Rough River Lake offers plenty of beautiful spots to stop and enjoy a picnic. This is a great option for those who want to spend the day on the lake and have their meal there.


If you have children, there are also playgrounds around the area to give them plenty of places to play. Swings, slides and lots of fun can be had, while also making it easy for you to enjoy time with the family.


If you are looking to do some boating or water sports, Rough River is ideal. There are plenty of boats and slips to be rented and the marina is open year round. You can also rent equipment for more specific water sport needs in the area. Using the best fishing kayaks will also be a great way to do your water adventures.


Whether you live in Kentucky, or just passing through, you should take a few hours and go visit Rough River Lake. From fishing to more recreational activities, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Best Pontoon Boat Grill

Best Pontoon Boat Grill

A relaxing day on the water with your family, friends, and trusty pontoon boat wouldn’t be complete without food. Water and sun tend to bring out the hunger in everyone, so bringing snacks and sandwiches from home sometimes just doesn’t hit the spot.
Enter the boat grill.
That’s right, it is time to look at pontoon boat grills so you can have delicious meals without leaving the comforting sway of the water.



Overall Rating - 4/5

Even heating over a porcelain-enameled grate will have great meals cooked in no time so you can get back to enjoying life on the water.

Overall Rating - 3/5

This gas grill is uniform in color – sleek, shining silver. A stainless-steel shell lines the inside of the grill to help keep the outer shell cooler. 

Overall Rating - 4/5

This stove can be used for all sorts of cooking. You can use the griddle or grill that are included, or even use it like a stove.

Overall Rating - 4/5

This is perfect for searing a few steaks and grilling some fresh corn or other veggies on the side. 

Overall Rating - 4/5

You won’t have to worry about its lid slamming shut in the wind, thanks to its tough hinged design. 

Overall Rating - 4/5

This is perfect for general safety and smaller boats since movement is sometimes hindered. It has a 200-square inch cooking surface area that will fit a nice meal for a family.

Overall Rating - 3/5

On the sides are two foldable panels that can be used as side tables for meal prepping or as wind guards.

Overall Rating - 3.5/5

It was designed for fixed-mount application to your boat, and can look stunning mounted on the side of your boat.

Overall Rating - 4.5/5

They are made with marine stainless steel mounts made for pontoon boats. If you won’t be using the grill for a trip, simply dismantle and store them somewhere out of the way.

Product Reviews

1. Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit

This Cuisinart grill brings the best in both portability and stability. As long as you have a flat surface on your boat, the two side legs will provide a sturdy base for your cooking needs. We make use of what we can storage wise on our boats, so no worries here, the legs fold up underneath the grill.

There is about 145-square inches of grilling area for you to use. What does this mean in real terms? Well, you can cook 8 burgers, 4-pounds of fish, or approximately 6 to 8 chicken breasts. This grill gives you plenty of space to cook while still allowing you room to meal prep on the side.  

Even heating over a porcelain-enameled grate will have great meals cooked in no time so you can get back to enjoying life on the water.



  • Durable stainless body

  • Uniform heat

  • Built-in thermometer


  • Small sized grease tray can be an inconvenience

2. Magma Marine Kettle A10-205, Gas Grill

Sleek in appearance and great for cooking, this Magma stove and grill will be a great addition to your pontoon boat. This gas grill is uniform in color – sleek, shining silver. A stainless-steel shell lines the inside of the grill to help keep the outer shell cooler. This is for your safety, but it also prevents discoloration.

It might be easiest if this grill is mounted onto your boat as it does not fold up for convenient storage. Luckily, the lustrous design of the grill makes it a beauty to have for show on the boat.

Not only a keeper in the looks department, this grill heats up fast and the temperature is dispersed evenly. The lid is hinged and perfectly balanced to help prevent slamming shut.



  • Sleek appearance

  • Great for mounting

  • Even heating


  • No grease tray

3. Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill

​This larger sized Coleman grill is convenient and sturdy for use on your pontoon boat. It stands tall on thick, stainless steel legs. Smaller sized boats that do not have as much flat surface areas will benefit greatly from this standing grill. Even though it stands and is larger, the legs, chassis, and side tables all collapse in seconds making transport and storage a breeze.

There are two fully adjustable burners along with two side tables. The large surface areas make meal prep and cooking easier while on a boat. This stove can be used for all sorts of cooking. You can use the griddle or grill that are included, or even use it like a stove. If you plan on being on your boat for long periods of time, this versatility is ideal.

This grill does run on propane, so make sure that you have the proper equipment before heading out on the water. Read the manual included before use to make sure that you are following all safety measures.


  • Easy to transport and store

  • Versatile

  • Fast heating


  • Can be difficult to clean up

4. Camco Olympian Portable Gas Boat Grill

​Camco brings out the big guns for this grill. It is portable so you can place it where needed, but you are able to mount it to increase its sturdiness. It uses propane, and will connect directly to your propane supply. It comes with a quick connect hose that has a shut off valve in place to help prevent accidents. Safety features like this on boats are vital.

The surface area provides 180-square inches of cooking space. This is perfect for searing a few steaks and grilling some fresh corn or other veggies on the side. If you have an RV, it connects easily and conveniently to the low pressure propane supply. Customer services tends to respond quickly to any concerns or issues, and we all know that can be a relief to know. There is also a 12-month warranty that will come with the purchase of this grill.


  • Very sturdy

  • Small, but nice sized cooking area

  • Portable


  • It can be difficult to store because of its v-shaped bottom

5. Magma Marine Kettle Gas Grill

Featuring both convection and radiant cooking, this sturdy stainless steel gas grill will be a trusty companion on your boat. You won’t have to worry about its lid slamming shut in the wind, thanks to its tough hinged design. This grill heats up quickly because of its radiant heat distribution function so you can get cooking.


  • Strong hinged design that doesn’t slam shut

  • Heats up quickly

  • Easy to clean polished stainless steel


  • Assembly instructions aren’t really clear

6. Char-Broil Portable TRU-Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Boat Grill

This is a smaller sized portable grill, similar to the Cuisinart brand mentioned above. Char-Broil Grill2Go is portable with a lid that latches for easy, one-handed carrying. If you have a smaller sized boat party, then this grill is perfect for you.

It is built tough with a high-impact frame, so dings or drops won’t be a huge issue. There is another style that comes with a case to make carrying it even easier. The outside is made from cast aluminum with two stainless steel latches for the lid.

TRU-Infrared cooking technology helps prevent flares. This is perfect for general safety and smaller boats since movement is sometimes hindered. It has a 200-square inch cooking surface area that will fit a nice meal for a family.