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10 Ways To Prevent Drowning In A Lake This Summer; Lake Living Safety Tips

10 Ways to avoid drowning in a lake this summer. Safe Lake Living Tips

Camping by the lake is one of the most popular family activities during the warm summer season. People found it to be a great way to relax, given the beautiful green sceneries around and the refreshing touch of lake water. Biologist Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, in his book “Blue Mind,” said that being on or near the water can bring on feelings of calm, peacefulness, and general happiness. If you are having difficulty sleeping because of stress and anxiety, you should try lake-living once in a while to improve your overall well-being.

However, it is also important to note the potential safety risks of living near a body of water, especially to small kids. According to the World Health Organization, drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide, accounting for 7% of all injury-related deaths. Globally, the highest drowning rates are among children 1–4 years, followed by children 5–9 years. While you would not want to replace your family’s excitement with worries, make sure to set relevant safety measures while camping by the lake.

10 Lake Living Safety Tips

1. Listen to the weather forecast.

Before you head out with your family to the lake area, do not forget to check your local weather forecast for strong winds or rain throughout the day. Bad weather is the sign you need to skip your camping trip since the water level and current become unsafe for swimming. Depending on your location, you might be experiencing thunderstorms even during the summer season. 

2. Wear life jackets in and around water.

Wearing a life jacket is an essential safety practice whether you are heading out on a boat or going swimming in the lake. The United States Coast Guard’s (USCG) reported that about 84.5 percent of drowning victims are not wearing a life jacket. Besides saving your life, wearing an approved personal floatation device (PFD) also reduces the impact or shock when you first fall in the cold water, preventing hypothermia. Remember to choose a life vest that fits your age and body type and have it appropriately secured at all times.

Lake Living

3. Bring a life-saving floatation device.

Aside from requiring every member of your family to wear life vests, bringing water floats can also help ensure your kid’s safety. Inflatable ride-on, raft-style floats, and lake pads are very easy to carry and add to the outdoor fun. You can check out for top-grade summer outdoor gears made in the USA in the online market.

4. Stay away from unfamiliar areas in the lake.

When swimming in the lake, do not dare to go away from the crowd of swimmers. Only swim in designated areas supervised by lifeguards. If you would like to go diving, only do so in areas marked for diving. You also have to check for underwater obstacles, such as dams, rocks, and vegetation that might wrap around your feet.

5. Build a fence around your camping area.

Bringing an easy-to-install fence to your camping trip will not only protect you and your belongings from stray animals but will also provide extra safety for the kids. When camping by the lake, it is very common for kids to end up in the water suddenly. It could happen when you are sleeping inside the tent or busy attending other tasks around the camp. Common ways to build a fence around your campsite include bringing a portable fence or attaching strings to the surrounding trees.

Lake Living Life Guard

6. Have your boats checked before use.

If you plan to go on a boat tour around the lake, make sure your water vehicle is properly checked by a professional for any repair issues. The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and U.S. Power Squadrons offer complimentary boat examinations. They do that to verify the presence and condition of specific safety equipment required by state and federal regulations—Discover Boating. To add, do not forget to take a boating course to learn significant rules while on water.

7. Do not let the kids go swimming alone.

Camping by the lake is not just solely an adventure; it comes with the responsibility of keeping your kids away from harm. It would be best if you made your children understand that they cannot be near the water without an adult accompanying them. The American Red Cross suggests you avoid distractions when supervising children around water. It may also help to add other camping activities, such as going on a nature walk or playing cards or board games, so kids do not think about going to the water all the time.

Lake Living Safety

8. Read the signs.

Never ignore the lake signs posted by the local authorities as they help provide safety for every camper. These signs warn people of the potential hazards around the lake area, such as strong currents, big rocks, and sudden drop-offs. Safety signs are often customized to be used specifically in lakes, rivers, and beaches.

9. Take a swimming lesson.

Learning how to swim offers a lot of healthy benefits. More importantly, it can save you from a drowning accident. If you do not know how to swim, perhaps you should cancel the lake camping trip and enroll in swimming lessons first. Learning how to swim will not only let you enjoy water activities but also help you keep your loved ones safe while in the water. Aside from adults, it would also be wise to enroll the kids in swimming classes at an early age, so they can learn the different water safety rules and build life-saving skills. A case study entitled “Association Between Swimming Lessons and Drowning in Childhood” found that children enrolled in swimming lessons had an 88% reduced risk of drowning.

10. Learn CPR and first aid.

Attending first aid training will let you know what to do during a water rescue operation, which includes helping someone having trouble in the water safely, call for emergency help, and CPR—American Red Cross. This can help save your life and that of your loved ones when going to water activities.

Lake Living Safety

Best Pontoon Boat Grill

Best Pontoon Boat Grills for a boat

Best Pontoon Boat Grill

A relaxing day on the water with your family, friends, and trusty pontoon boat wouldn’t be complete without food. Water and sun tend to bring out the hunger in everyone, so bringing snacks and sandwiches from home sometimes just doesn’t hit the spot.
Enter the boat grill.
That’s right, it is time to look at pontoon boat grills so you can have delicious meals without leaving the comforting sway of the water.



Overall Rating - 4/5

Even heating over a porcelain-enameled grate will have great meals cooked in no time so you can get back to enjoying life on the water.

Overall Rating - 3/5

This gas grill is uniform in color – sleek, shining silver. A stainless-steel shell lines the inside of the grill to help keep the outer shell cooler. 

Overall Rating - 4/5

This stove can be used for all sorts of cooking. You can use the griddle or grill that are included, or even use it like a stove.

Overall Rating - 4/5

This is perfect for searing a few steaks and grilling some fresh corn or other veggies on the side. 

Overall Rating - 4/5

You won’t have to worry about its lid slamming shut in the wind, thanks to its tough hinged design. 

Overall Rating - 4/5

This is perfect for general safety and smaller boats since movement is sometimes hindered. It has a 200-square inch cooking surface area that will fit a nice meal for a family.

Overall Rating - 3/5

On the sides are two foldable panels that can be used as side tables for meal prepping or as wind guards.

Overall Rating - 3.5/5

It was designed for fixed-mount application to your boat, and can look stunning mounted on the side of your boat.

Overall Rating - 4.5/5

They are made with marine stainless steel mounts made for pontoon boats. If you won’t be using the grill for a trip, simply dismantle and store them somewhere out of the way.

Product Reviews

1. Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit

This Cuisinart grill brings the best in both portability and stability. As long as you have a flat surface on your boat, the two side legs will provide a sturdy base for your cooking needs. We make use of what we can storage wise on our boats, so no worries here, the legs fold up underneath the grill.

There is about 145-square inches of grilling area for you to use. What does this mean in real terms? Well, you can cook 8 burgers, 4-pounds of fish, or approximately 6 to 8 chicken breasts. This grill gives you plenty of space to cook while still allowing you room to meal prep on the side.  

Even heating over a porcelain-enameled grate will have great meals cooked in no time so you can get back to enjoying life on the water.



  • Durable stainless body
  • Uniform heat
  • Built-in thermometer


  • Small sized grease tray can be an inconvenience

2. Magma Marine Kettle A10-205, Gas Grill

Sleek in appearance and great for cooking, this Magma stove and grill will be a great addition to your pontoon boat. This gas grill is uniform in color – sleek, shining silver. A stainless-steel shell lines the inside of the grill to help keep the outer shell cooler. This is for your safety, but it also prevents discoloration.

It might be easiest if this grill is mounted onto your boat as it does not fold up for convenient storage. Luckily, the lustrous design of the grill makes it a beauty to have for show on the boat.

Not only a keeper in the looks department, this grill heats up fast and the temperature is dispersed evenly. The lid is hinged and perfectly balanced to help prevent slamming shut.



  • Sleek appearance
  • Great for mounting
  • Even heating


  • No grease tray

3. Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill

​This larger sized Coleman grill is convenient and sturdy for use on your pontoon boat. It stands tall on thick, stainless steel legs. Smaller sized boats that do not have as much flat surface areas will benefit greatly from this standing grill. Even though it stands and is larger, the legs, chassis, and side tables all collapse in seconds making transport and storage a breeze.

There are two fully adjustable burners along with two side tables. The large surface areas make meal prep and cooking easier while on a boat. This stove can be used for all sorts of cooking. You can use the griddle or grill that are included, or even use it like a stove. If you plan on being on your boat for long periods of time, this versatility is ideal.

This grill does run on propane, so make sure that you have the proper equipment before heading out on the water. Read the manual included before use to make sure that you are following all safety measures.


  • Easy to transport and store
  • Versatile
  • Fast heating


  • Can be difficult to clean up

4. Camco Olympian Portable Gas Boat Grill

​Camco brings out the big guns for this grill. It is portable so you can place it where needed, but you are able to mount it to increase its sturdiness. It uses propane, and will connect directly to your propane supply. It comes with a quick connect hose that has a shut off valve in place to help prevent accidents. Safety features like this on boats are vital.

The surface area provides 180-square inches of cooking space. This is perfect for searing a few steaks and grilling some fresh corn or other veggies on the side. If you have an RV, it connects easily and conveniently to the low pressure propane supply. Customer services tends to respond quickly to any concerns or issues, and we all know that can be a relief to know. There is also a 12-month warranty that will come with the purchase of this grill.


  • Very sturdy
  • Small, but nice sized cooking area
  • Portable


  • It can be difficult to store because of its v-shaped bottom

5. Magma Marine Kettle Gas Grill

Featuring both convection and radiant cooking, this sturdy stainless steel gas grill will be a trusty companion on your boat. You won’t have to worry about its lid slamming shut in the wind, thanks to its tough hinged design. This grill heats up quickly because of its radiant heat distribution function so you can get cooking.


  • Strong hinged design that doesn’t slam shut
  • Heats up quickly
  • Easy to clean polished stainless steel


  • Assembly instructions aren’t really clear

6. Char-Broil Portable TRU-Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Boat Grill

This is a smaller sized portable grill, similar to the Cuisinart brand mentioned above. Char-Broil Grill2Go is portable with a lid that latches for easy, one-handed carrying. If you have a smaller sized boat party, then this grill is perfect for you.

It is built tough with a high-impact frame, so dings or drops won’t be a huge issue. There is another style that comes with a case to make carrying it even easier. The outside is made from cast aluminum with two stainless steel latches for the lid.

TRU-Infrared cooking technology helps prevent flares. This is perfect for general safety and smaller boats since movement is sometimes hindered. It has a 200-square inch cooking surface area that will fit a nice meal for a family.


  • Prevents flares
  • Portable
  • Latches close


  • Temperature control regulator can be faulty

7. Coleman Camp Propane Boat Grill

​Coleman is a well-known grill brand and does not fail with this propane-based grill. It is smaller than some others on this list with a 180-square inch cooking surface area. However, like many Coleman products, this one makes efficient use of space. On the sides are two foldable panels that can be used as side tables for meal prepping or as wind guards.

PerfectFlow pressure control technology keeps cooking temperatures consistent, even on cool, windy days on the water. Between the side panels and temperature control technology, this grill will steadily cook all your food, no matter outside conditions.

The cooking surface itself is removable so you won’t have to struggle to keep this one clean. Its PerfectHeat technology also provides efficient cooking with less fuel needed.


  • Easy to clean
  • Great for windy or calm weather
  • Consistent heating


  • Grill grate can warp when during cooking over time

​8. Kuuma Stow and Go 160 Propane Boat Grill

​This budget friendly grill by Kuuma is quite the looker. The shape and overall appearance of the grill is quite unique. It was designed for fixed-mount application to your boat, and can look stunning mounted on the side of your boat. It will conveniently take up space that otherwise goes unused. However, if you do not want to mount this grill to your boat, that is perfectly fine. The legs are collapsible, and this can slide under boat chairs for storage.

The grease tray is easy to remove, so cleaning will be a bit easier. The whole grill is made of stainless steel, which gives it the classic shine and makes it easy to wipe down.

You can purchase the single arm mounting bracket separately, if you plan on mounting it to the side of your boat. The grill is lightweight, at about 8-pounds, so keep that in mind when using this on a day with choppy waters.


  • Slick-looking appearance
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to attach to railing


  • There is no protection from wind, so flame outs can occur

​9. Arnall's Pontoon Grill Bracket Set

​Arnall’s pontoon grill bracket set is a necessary accessory for some boating grills. You can attach your grill to the side rails of your pontoon boat. These work with most brands of grills and it comes with a drip tray and all other necessary hardware.

These require open fence railing and you may need to drill into the bottom of your grill for proper installation. They are made with marine stainless steel mounts made for pontoon boats. If you won’t be using the grill for a trip, simply dismantle and store them somewhere out of the way.

Installation is easy as long as you follow the mounting instructions that are provided.


  • Heavy and sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • Works with most grills


  • Can damage the rails on your boat if not installed carefully

Features of a Great Pontoon Boat Grill

There is a nice variety of grills that you can purchase for your boat. This is wonderful; however, it can cause some confusion when trying to make a choice. We will go over some of the features that you should expect to find in a great pontoon boat grill.


Variety in grill types includes variety in ways to get the grill working. That’s right, you have your choices in fuel: Charcoal and gas.

Coal’s biggest winning argument is that it provides a more full and robust flavor to food. However, coal can be incredibly inconvenient to store and handle. If you can handle the mess and find a dry location to keep the coals stored, this is not a bad option. Some forms of coal can burn for much longer than gas.

Gas, such as propane, is usually pretty convenient on newer boats that come equipped with a gas line. It is easier to store and less messy to use.


Consistent and even cooking is definitely a major plus when it comes to grills. This will ensure that your food is properly cooked all around.

If you are buying from a store, you can ask the seller to start the grill up and test uniform heating out yourself.


​Like most things, you will need to look at higher end models if you desire higher quality items. Many boat grills are made with flimsy, cheap materials that will not last long. This is perfectly fine for those who do not grill often, but others will want something more robust.

When looking at boat grills with durability in mind, look for well-known brands that offer generous warranties.

Grill Shape

​There are two main shapes of grills: Domed and rectangular. Both come in some spectacular designs that will look great in your boat, but they bring different benefits to the table.

Wind and heat reflection are benefits provided by a domed grill. Meanwhile, square or rectangular grills offer a larger surface area for cooking.

Necessary Accessories for a Boat Grill

Accessories can take an amazing grill to a whole new level of awesome.


Grill Mount

​When grilling on a boat, a grill mount is nearly a requirement. The movement of the boat on water creates a dangerous environment for a grill that is simply sitting on a surface, especially if you have children on the boat.
Grill mounts will attach the grill to your boat’s railing to keep it up and away from foot traffic.


Grill Brush

Cleaning is the evil step-sister of cooking. It has to happen in order to prevent bacteria, residue, and grim build-up.


Grill Cover

When your grill is not in use, you will need to keep it covered. This will prevent damage from rust, dirt, and grime, but will also keep insects and animals out.

Pontoon Boat Grilling Safety Tips

Let’s make sure that you are going to have a safe experience when using a grill on a pontoon boat.

  • Read the manufacturer’s guide that comes with your grill.
  • Only use the grill when it is mounted or properly anchored.
  • Always check propane connections before and after use.
  • Do not leave your grill unattended.
  • Let the grill cool completely before storing.
  • Keep your grill clean.


Now that you have read this guide, you will have a better idea of what grill and accessories you want to have on your pontoon boat. You are armed with knowledge about how to safely use a new grill, and ready to go. Apply the heat, don’t chicken out, and prepare to get cheesy: It is time to get grilling.

Top Benefits of Swimming Gloves

The benefits of swimming gloves

Swimming is not only a fun and relaxing past-time, it's also a challenging and effective form of exercise. All you really need to get a great workout in the pool is your swimsuit and a pair of goggles. Swimming is a great alternative to gym workouts and gives you a total body workout that's lower impact.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that there actually are some useful types of workout equipment and accessories that you can use to maximize your pool workouts. One of the most effective and easy to use items is swimming gloves.

Challenge yourself and get in a much more efficient workout with a good pair of swimming gloves, whether you’re taking a water aerobics class, water jogging or simply swimming laps. 

Swim Gloves Benefits

Swimming gloves are a pretty straightforward concept. They’re simply gloves that add a webbing between your fingers. Some will cover your entire finger, while others just cover up to the knuckle. You can choose to get gloves with a more flexible rubber webbing that allows for more hand mobility or gloves with stiffer webbing that keeps your fingers spread apart.

Although the design is so simple, they really make an impact and offer many benefits.



In any workout, added resistance is one of the top swim glove benefits and one of the best ways to build muscle and stamina. The webbing in the gloves adds a dragging effect while you're moving your hands through the water.

This forces your upper body to work much more intensely in both pulling and pushing motions, helping to strengthen and tone your muscles faster. The stronger your muscles become, the smoother your technique and movements in the water will be.

Endurance and Cardio

Along with strengthening muscles, training with gloves also provides you with a more intense aerobic workout. Swimming is already a great cardio workout, and with gloves, your heart will be pumping faster and harder because your entire body has to push against the extra resistance.

If you're a competitive swimmer, this is going to be extremely helpful and make swimming without the gloves a piece of cake.

Increased Propulsion

This is especially beneficial if you do water aerobics, snorkeling or scuba diving. Since swimming gloves increase the surface area of your hands, your pushing more water with each stroke and this helps to propel your further than you would with just bare hands. So you’ll be able to cover more distance in a much shorter amount of time.

They Keep You Warm

This is especially true in natural, open water or during the winter months. Swimming the ocean is wonderful and freeing, but it can be quite cold. This is can be distracting and cause your form and technique to suffer. Choosing gloves that are closed fingered will be the best option for situations like these.

Product Review

#1st Rated

Under $10:  TAGVO Aquatic Gloves

If you’re just starting out or trying swimming gloves for the first time, these gloves are a great option if you want to strengthen and tone your muscles, and do so economically.

They're made from very comfortable neoprene material and have adjustable closures on the wrists to ensure optimum fit and comfort while training. Although they're extremely comfortable, they're also a stiffer option which gives you more resistance to increased performance. You'll be able to move much faster and smoother through the water while getting a great upper body workout.

Don’t let the price fool you with these gloves. They're sewn together with water-resistant thread that allows staying perfectly intact through many uses. They're also made to easily slip on and off for quick changing. These gloves are ideal for everything from aquatic fitness, surfing, bodyboarding, diving, and general recreational swimming.

If for any reason are you aren’t satisfied or finding these gloves to be beneficial, Tagvo offers you a 100% money back guarantee within 30-days.

#2nd Rated

Between $10 & $25:  Speedo Aqua Fit

​Founded in 1914, Speedo is one of the most well-known and trusted brands when it comes to aquatic wear and equipment. So it’s no surprise that they’re at the top of the list when it comes to swimming gloves.

These gloves are made from high-quality neoprene material and flexible finger webbing that allows for an efficient resistance workout for muscle and aerobic strengthening. You'll be able to comfortably move and adjust your finger width in and out of the water with more flexible webbing.

These are very soft, comfortable and easy to put on and take off. They also feature useful rubber palms allow you to easily grip other exercise equipment your maybe using and the adjustable wrist closures keep the gloves secure and allow for a custom fit.

In addition to providing a more effective and challenging workout and swim, the compression of these swimming gloves provides support to the hands to protect them from cramps and soreness during and after training sessions. The gentle compression also helps to keep your movements smooth and controlled.

#3rd Rated

Over $25 : DarkFin Webbed Power

If you’re ready to get really serious about your swim training and want to invest in a great pair of swimming gloves, DarkFin’s Webbed Power gloves are an excellent choice. When compared to swimming and diving with just bare hands alone, these gloves will greatly increase your paddling speed and propulsion by increasing your hand’s surface area by 70 percent.

The comfort and flexibility are unmatched. These gloves are ultra-thin and made to feel like a second skin. They’re extremely flexible, allowing you to easily pick up small things, press buttons, adjust clothing, etc., while a cotton flock outer layer gives you a non-slip grip. The fingers are fully covered making them a great for keeping your hands warm during longer sessions or swimming in cold water.

They are meant to fit tight but aren't too difficult to put on or take off, they also come in a variety of sizes so you're sure to find a perfect fit. Another great thing about these swim gloves is that they are 100% biodegradable and made from plant-based latex material.

So they’re perfect if you’re vegan or environmentally conscience. Furthermore, the material is non-absorbent which prevents them from soaking up water and making them heavy.

These gloves are a favorite of champion swimmers, scuba divers, surfers, and military divers, so you know they're of the highest quality and perform well.

 Under $10:  TAGVO Aquatic Gloves


  • Available in small, medium and large sizes for women, men, and children
  • Adjustable wrist strap provides comfort while ensuring that the gloves stay secure


  • New gloves will have a chemical odor; they must be exposed for 2 or more days or washed twice to remove the smell

Between $10 & $25:  Speedo Aqua Fit


  • Rubber padded palms for easier gripping
  • Flexible webbing allows for increased mobility and resistance in the water
  • Comfortable, adjustable wrist strap


  • Length of the fingers might be a bit long for smaller hands
  • Fingers might be too tight for people wider fingers

  Between $10 & $25:  Speedo Aqua Fit


  • Ultra-thin, non-absorbent latex material acts as a second skin for maximum comfort and flexibility
  • Increases surface area and propulsion by 70 percent
  • Biodegradable material makes them safe for the environment
  • Available in 11 sizes to ensure a perfect fit always


  • To easily remove or put on these gloves, there is a bit of a process required. The company suggests using a silicone lubricant spray or putting them while they’re submerged in water.


Regardless of whether you're working out, training for a competition or just want to improve your swimming experience, swimming gloves can be a great addition to your routine. Not only will they help make your movements more comfortable and smoother, but they'll also help you to build muscle and get in a little more cardio.
Depending on your needs and goals, there are different types of gloves to choose from. Some will be more flexible, while others are stiffer. You also need to decide if you want open fingered gloves or closed ones for more insulation and warmth while swimming.
If you’re ready to take your time in the water to the next level, consider trying out one other great options we’ve selected. They’re excellent quality and there’s one for any price range or experience level. Once you’ve experienced the amazing benefits that come with wearing swimming gloves, you’ll never want to train or swim without them again. 

10 Best Lake House Attire

The Best Lake House Attire

10 Best Lake House Attire

There's nothing more difficult than packing. Instead of grabbing whatever you've got and running off to the lake house, check out these 10 best lake house outfits to make your packing a little easier.

Product Reviews: LAKE HOUSE ATTIRE


​It’s hard to find a good pair of outdoor cargo shorts for men. Check out this option from Wrangler to see if it works for you. Made from 99 percent cotton, these shorts zip closed and can be machine washed. They’re in the traditional cargo style, meaning that they’re built for both versatility and comfort.
Slip your phone into your pockets, since you have six pockets in total, and still look great with the relaxed fit of these shorts. It helps that the 10-inch seam will keep you comfortable for the entire day even underneath the sun near the lake.


  • The bit of spandex in the waist keeps you comfortable
  • Generally comfortable
  • Very lightweight


  • The colors and materials are sometimes off

Patterned blouse

Honestly, finding a good blouse can sometimes feel like too much trouble. You want an option that looks great but that won't leave you feeling too hot when you're by the lake. Make your lake house attire with this patterned blouse though, which hangs off your shoulder comfortably with a lot of fits. The flared sleeves look great, and the loose fit will cover all body shapes. Show off your beauty with this blouse for all seasons, and in casual and formal venues, or just at the lake.


  • Fits well due to the flowing quality
  • Drapes very well to cover you
  • Made very well with good quality


  • Sizing may be a little snug

Blouse Tie Knot

​If you're looking for a cute top, look no further than this blouse. You can button it up to feel the comfortable polyester and spandex. It's made to be very soft, although do know that the white color is a little bit see-through. You might not even care about that with the knitted design and breathable fabric. It's a lightweight lake outfit option that's perfect for outdoor wear lots of time spent right around the water.


  • Fits great for the money
  • The shirt is soft
  • Doesn’t shrink from washing


  • You’ll need to order larger for a baggier look

One-piece swimsuit

It can be difficult to find a good one-piece swimsuit that doesn't look like a train wreck, but this option is both elegant and beautiful. It has a high neck design with a padded push-up bra and hooks closure. This means that it will support you and shape your figure. The see-through mesh style in the front will help you be flirty without you needing to show too much skin, while the quality will keep you comfortable when you've come in from the water. It's wonderful that this one-piece comes in all sizes for all body shapes as well.


  • Very sexy while still covering you up
  • The band under the chest will help contour you
  • Curves all body shapes


  • You’ll need to go up a size to feel comfortable

Cropped Pants

Who says that women can’t find a good pair of pants with pockets? These cropped pants look great, have two patch pockets that Velcro on the side to hold all of your items. The waist is elastic, which means that it will fit all body shapes and sizes, and the length is cropped. This lake attire is made to look great on you while the elastic bands on the legs keep you feeling comfortable. Pick out your color and hang back on the lake with this spandex and polyester blend.


  • It has an easy fit
  • Many body shapes feel comfortable with it
  • The fabric is great underneath the sun


  • Not a lot of people have tried these

Striped Polo

​A polo is always a good option when you're relaxing outside. This striped polo option is made to be a comfortable cotton and polyester blend, with a button closure up near the neck. Throw it in the washing machine after you've worn it, but hopefully, you won't be dealing with too much sweat thanks to the moisture-wicking fabric.
This shirt is designed to stay cool and dry for the entire day, making it perfect for the man on the move. Not to mention that the design and fabric are crisp and can stretch to keep you completely comfortable throughout the day. It helps that the collar is roll-resistant and doesn't require ironing either.


  • The fabric is soft and durable
  • Great air circulation during the summer
  • The shirt has a natural stretch to it


  • The fabric will shrink a little in washing

Denim Shorts

​For a good pair of denim shorts that aren't too short, look no further than this amazing option. It closes with a button and has a straight fit that makes your curves look great. The fabric itself is distressed lightly with a bit of a frayed hem for the sake of style. They're designed with a mid-rise style for a low-slung slouchy fit without being uncomfortable. The best part of these shorts is the easy casual look, and of course, the classic five pockets that will still fit even larger items like your phone.


  • The fit is very well
  • It’s easy to wash these shorts since they’re durable
  • The fabric resists wrinkling


  • Not many people have tried these shorts

Straw Hat

You’ll never know that you need a straw hat until you’re sitting outside trying to squint out at your family out over the lake. This straw hat is made to help shade your eyes while fitting over your head comfortably thanks to the adjustable closure. If it rains, you can easily hand wash this hat, but otherwise, you can pick out your color and just relax with it on your head. Thanks to the style, you can feel comfortable and relaxed while enjoying some time outdoors.


  • The cowboy shape is comfortable
  • Using oil makes it more bendable
  • Great shape to cover your eyes


  • It's quite fragile, dry, and brittle


A night out on the lake is always relaxing—until you’re cold and you don’t have a blanket with you. There’s nothing better than having this hoodie though. It closes with a zipper and washes easily in your washing machine.

The fleece is thick and soft to keep you warm, while the cover-seam neck and armholes will keep out air as you move. On top of that, the pill-resistant fabric is made to have high-stitch density, which means that this hoodie will be even more durable. For style, you can’t go wrong with the ribbed waistband and cuffs, along with the kangaroo pocket.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Very durable and great for the outdoors
  • Warm and soft for the winter


  • You might want a size up; they’re snug in your size

Dress for Kids

Let's not forget about getting a dress for your kid for the lake. This polyester and spandex blend is perfect for your little girl since it's made to be comfortable and to slip on easily. The dress is short-sleeved to keep her comfortable, while the ruffled sleeves add a classic cut. But rest assured that this dress is made for more than looking nice. Since the fabric is slightly stretchable, you don't need to worry about your kids playing together outside or about the dress getting dirty.


  • The sizing matches children perfectly
  • Very comfortable and soft
  • The fabric is lightweight and breathablev


  • Can be a little big for some children

Reasons to Visit a Lake House With Your Family

There is any number of reasons to go along with your family to visit a lake house. Besides the obvious fact that it's an amazing vacation option, of course.


You’re right on the water at a lake house. This is pretty obvious, but think about everything that you’ll be able to do with your significant other, your family, and your children. You can be out on the water at any time of the day on a boat, reading, or in your swimsuits. There are so many things for you to do right in your backyard.