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Lake Living and Camping This Summer With Zero Waste

Zero Waste Lake Living and Camping

Lake living in the summer is one of the best ways to experience the lake!
Summer is the time of year to camp out along the shore. Even if you have a lake house, forsake the indoor amenities and sleep out under the stars!
You can't get a lot better than falling asleep to the water lapping against the shore.
Camping out is also a great learning experience for the kiddos.

It gives them a new perspective on life and gets them up close and personal with Mother Nature.
This is a perfect time to teach the kids about zero waste and to learn more about it yourself. It is an essential topic in today's world.
The problem of waste and the impact it has on the earth is very real. You can contribute to the solution by practicing zero-waste habits when you are lake living and camping.

5 Essential Tips for Zero Waste Camping At The Lake

Here at Lake Living Guide, we love lake living and all the benefits received from being at the lake. The peace, the nature and the release of stresses and pressures.
There are tips you can practice to work towards the goal of zero waste when camping at the lake. Here are 5 essential tips to consider.

Essential Tip #1 Cut Out the One-Time Use Products

It may seem easier to purchase paper plates and then just dispose of them in the campfire. That might be right, but it does nothing to contribute to less consumption.
It takes resources to manufacture and distribute those paper plates that you will use just once. If you visit a second-hand shop, you will be able to find plates that you can use again and again.
Look for either metal or enamel dishware. You don't want glass or ceramic dishes to be used at a campsite as breakage can quickly occur when you have fun around the flames.
If you find a set of plastic dishware, that is great too. They are objects that have already been produced, and you will be able to use them again and again.

Essential Tip #2 Use Second-Hand Camping Gear

When camping by the lake, you will need some gear. Rather than purchasing new gear, look at local second-hand stores.
The Salvation Army and Goodwill will often get camping equipment that you can buy for less than the cost of new gear.
Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, along with eBay, would also be good places to look for used camping gear.
Here are some well-known retailers who sell some of their products used:

Consider borrowing from friends for your lake camping excursion. You may be surprised who has gear that is not in use and would consider loaning out or selling to you.
When you look for used camping gear, you are circumventing vital resources being used to produce yet more products.

Essential Tip #3 go For an Environmentally-Friendly Diet 

When choosing the food you will have on your lake camping trip, try to eat a plant-based diet.
That will remove the need for ice and plastic bags. If this is not a reasonable possibility, buy in bulk for your lake camping trip and prep meals at home ahead of time.
Bring all of your camping food in reusable packages. The best way to carry your food into a campsite is in a durable and reusable cooler

You can choose meals that consist of simple ingredients. The best kind of preparation is to have all the ingredients in one reusable container. This oatmeal recipe is an example:

Camping Oatmeal

1 cup of oatmeal per serving
4 cups oatmeal
¼ cup brown sugar
¼ cup slivered almonds or other nuts
½ cup golden raisins or other dried fruit
½ tsp cinnamon
Mix ingredients in a reusable container.
Measure out each serving in a heatproof bowl and cover with boiling water.
Let sit about 7 to 8 minutes
Can be topped with a banana if desired

Essential Tip #4 Use nature-friendly hygiene products

Small changes add up. Bring along bandanas rather than disposable wipes. Bandanas can be handy for any number of needs.
Soak your bandana in water and tie it around your neck to cool off while camping along the lake.
Use it to wipe away dirt and keep your hair under control.
Bring along a collapsible airtight container to store your food waste until you get home to compost it.
Take along nature-friendly hygiene products when camping by the lake. Shampoo and conditioner bars work just as well as those that come in bottles.
Use an old lunchbox to create a first aid kit.
Hit up the dollar store to fill up your lunchbox with bandages, tweezers, antiseptic ointment, and other first-aid needs.

Essential Tip #5 Commit to a Leave-No-Trace Camping

Whatever you have brought to the lake camping trip with you, take it back out when you leave.
If you come across debris, pick it up and carry that out too.
Lake living is an inspiration to "Leave No Trace." The lakeshore should be a pristine setting for all to enjoy.
Every time you are by the lake, it is an opportunity to leave the environment better than you found it. It is the perfect time to lead by example to others around you.

Zero Waste Camping

As we humans have come to understand and see the impact disposing of products has negatively impacted the environment. The need for zero waste is evident to us.
While being able to achieve completely zero waste may be an impossibility, each of us can do our part to join the conservation effort of responsible consumption.
Zero waste camping at the lake is not just a trend; it is a lifestyle. Practice zero waste with the intent of reducing your carbon footprint.

Zero Waste Swimming

What is lake living without swimming? Unfortunately, most swimsuits come from a combination of polyester and nylon, which means plastics.
These fabrics can wear out quickly, depending on how often you swim. Look for swimsuits that are constructed from regenerated nylon from pre and post-consumer products.
You certainly don't want to give up swimming on a lake camping trip, but there are suits that are made responsibly from sustainable materials.
Look for those products that use recycled materials. 

Types Of Waste

Many kinds of waste impact the environment negatively, and the crisis is getting worse, not better.
The amount of waste generated has numerous effects on humans and the environment alike.
It contributes to the climate crisis; it harms wildlife, damages the environment, and is detrimental to our health.
Here are some of the contributors to the waste problem

Plastic Waste

Plastic pollution is everywhere on our planet according to Our World Data

There is a very well-known example of this accumulation called theGreat Pacific Garbage Patch, which is a collection of marine debris in the North Pacific Ocean.

Plastic Waste Statistics will give you a rundown on just how huge the problem of plastic is worldwide. 

Out of 6.3 billion metric tons of plastic waste produced, only 9% of that plastic waste has been recycled.

Microplastic Waste

You may have heard about the issue of micro waste; it is a monumental problem in the form of minuscule waste. 

Micro Waste is made up of microplastics in tiny pieces that pollute the environment. 

Microplastics are not a specific kind of plastic, but rather any type of plastic fragment that is less than 5 mm in length according to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). 

To compound the problem, plastics degrade slowly. It can take hundreds, if not thousands of years. 

Because of this length of time, microplastics can be ingested, incorporated, and accumulated in many organisms' bodies and tissues. 

Microplastics are found in the oceans, ice cores, freshwater ecosystems, marine environments, the soil, and the air we breathe.

Non-biodegradable Waste

Products that are not biodegradable contribute to the waste problem because these products cannot break down. 

Outlined in this article, the Difference Between Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable Substances is a crucial thing to know. 

If you understand the differences, you will be able to make purchases more carefully. 

Doing so will help reduce pollution and ease the strain on our environment

The Little Things Add Up

Lake living develops a greater appreciation of the environment and the beauty of nature. 

It is essential to understand How Our Trash Impacts the Environment so that each of us can do our part to mitigate the impact.

In Conclusion

Lake living is a way of life. Camping out at the lake creates memories that last a lifetime.
You also want the lake and its surroundings to last many, many lifetimes.
By practicing zero waste whenever and wherever you can, you will help to preserve and protect the lake that you love. 

Top 9 Lake House Quotes

Top nine lake house quotes and quotations

People that love lake life know that there are just some undeniable truths about living by the lake. That's why there are some quotes you just have to be a lake lifer to really understand.

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Here Are The Top 10 Lake House Quotes:

9. Go Jump In the Lake

What was once an insult is now a quirky inside joke for lake life fans. Telling someone to go jump in the lake is hardly an insult to a huge lake life fan; because of course, there's very little else you want to do more than jump in the lake.

These Ambesonne cabin kitchen curtains take this quote to the next level. With a bright, bold design that features splashes surrounding an oar, you'll be able to smile thinking of your favorite summer saying, "Go Jump in the Lake."

8. Memories Made at the Lake Last a Lifetime

The next quote, "Memories Made at the Lake Last a Lifetime," is a motto of sorts for lake lifestyle fans, because even when you have to leave the lake, it's always in the back of your mind. Lake life is all about fun, sun, friends, and family, so keep a reminder to make it last.

This Memories Made at the Lake Last a Lifetime decor is the perfect addition to your home and cabin. Even if you're away from the lake, you'll be happily reminded of all your lake season memories every time you look at this woodsy wall art.

7. Relax, You’re at the Lake

You know the feeling when you finally make it back to the lake? Yes, it's relaxation at last. If you know this feeling, the quote, "Relax, You're at the Lake," bears no need for further explanation.

 Sometimes we all need a reminder to slow down and relax, and this Relax, You're at the Lake hanging decor accomplishes exactly that.

6. Life is Better at the Lake

When you're a lake life devotee, you already know what we mean when we say, "Life is Better at the Lake." From the warm sun rises, to the hot afternoons jumping in the lake, to the crisp nights around a campfire, just about everything really is better at the lake.

 If this quote rings true for you, you'll want to check out these outdoorsy Life is Better at the Lake kitchen towels, that bring all the important motifs of lake life into your home (and more specifically, your kitchen). Even better, the other side shows off lake season hospitality with "Welcome to our Lake House," embroidered on it.

5. You are my Sunshine

Lake season is all about sunshine, and "You are my Sunshine," definitely embodies the relationship between lake season fans and their love of the lake.

If this quote takes you right back to the lake, you won't want to miss this You are my Sunshine wall art. Bright, sunny, and totally in line with lake life, this wood sign will be a constant reminder of your love of lake life season.

4. Life Isn’t About Waiting for the Storm to Pass...It’s Learning to Dance in the Rain.

Lake season goers are all about the bright side and making the most out of every single moment of their lake time. That's why this quote perfectly represents the positive attitude that lake life is all about.

Whether it's during your lake visit, or for all the times you need a reminder after it's passed, this Life Isn’t About Waiting for the Storm to Pass...It’s Learning to Dance in the Rain wooden wall art is certain to make your day.

3. What Happens at the Lake Stays at the Lake

Everybody's heard what happens here stays here, but at the lake, it's a new idea entirely. Lake season makes for plenty of amusing memories, and this quote puts a quirky twist on it.

This What Happens at the Lake Stays at the Lake is designed with a rustic lake life feel, and is the perfect keepsake.

2. Relax You're On Lake Time

Lake season seems to stop time, and take you far away from your hectic day. That's why this quote is a favorite for lake life, and people that need a reminder to slow down and enjoy each moment.

If your favorite part of lake season is the 'miles away from stress' feeling, this Relax You're On Lake Time sign is going to melt away your worries and take you back to lake time.

1. Heaven is a Little Closer in a Home by the Lake.

This is our number one quote and one you'd be hard pressed to find someone disagreeing with.

This classic lake themed Heaven is a Little Closer in a Home by the Lake sign will let everyone know how you feel about your personal lakeside paradise. Not only that, it's a piece that'll always speak truth to your love of lake life.

There's a quote that embodies the essence of lake season for everyone. And if you're a real lake life aficionado, chances are you will find yours here. Now all that's left to do is decide which describes your lake life and get the gear you need to live like it's lake season all year round.

5 Awesome Kids Camp Lake Destinations

We have put together a list of 5 of the most awesome kids camps that are on a lake so that they have the opportunity to have time in the water. After all, summer and water go together.

As circumstances change, be sure to check with the camp directly to confirm dates and sign up instructions for these summer camps. 

1. Falcon Camp, Carrollton, Ohio

 Located in Carrollton, Ohio, Falcon Camp has been in operation since 1959. 

Although it first started as a boys camp, Falcon Camp welcomes both girls and boys to its ACA accredited camp.

Children ages 6 to 16 can join a two, four, six, or even eight-week session. 

If you happen to be a first-time camper aged 6 - 10, there is a special one week program called Young Adventures that helps introduce first-timers to camp life.

In a beautiful lakefront setting, Falcon Camp's motto of "Fun for Now, Skills for Life" is appropriate. Campers choose their schedule every day within a general framework.

While daily activities are separated by gender, there are co-ed events. Every activity has an instructor that runs from beginner to advanced.

There are lots to choose from: Archery, tennis, crafts, riding, sailing, drama, mountain bikes, and riflery. 

Falcon Camp strives for a non-competitive environment in which campers can try something that they have never done before with confidence.

The ratio of 1:4 staff/camper ratio ensures that campers get the attention that they need. 

Visit here: Falcon Camp: Private Summer Camp in Ohio - Best Residential Camp for Kids

2. Camp Manitou, Oakland, Maine

 Manitou is one of the nation's foremost camps. Founded in 1947, the summer camp is held for boys ages 7 to 16.

Camp Manitou prides itself on its experienced staff and excellent facilities. Campers get to choose their own programs. Each program is designed to challenge their minds and develop their skills.

There are plenty of team sports to choose from: baseball, softball, football, roller hockey, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, and European handball.

Individually, campers will not lack in activities as they choose from: climbing, riflery, a ropes course, archery, golf, camping, tennis and track, and field.

The creative side of campers is explored through acting, photography, pottery, animation, radio, videography, and set design. 

Located in the Belgrade Lakes region, there is no lack of water sports.

Swimming, water-skiing, canoeing, wake-boarding, kayaking, sailing, SCUBA, windsurfing, paddleboarding, snorkeling, and fishing is sure to keep campers engaged and busy.

Visit here: A Maine Summer Camp for Boys | The Best Boys Camp in Maine Camp Manitou

3. Camp Vega, Fayette, Maine

Located on Echo Lake, Camp Vega was founded in 1936 and is an all-girls camp named after the brightest star in the summer sky. 

Camp Vega prides themselves on their motto of “the most exciting thing a girl will find at Vega is herself.”

Choice-based, Camp Vega allows the girls to choose what they would like to focus on. 

Campers can pick from tennis, softball, crew, wake-boarding, lacrosse, and figure skating and then design their own schedule for the second half of camp.

There is also hip-hop dance, ballet, jazz, along with horseback riding, windsurfing, sailing, field hockey, gymnastics, jewelry, mountain biking, Zumba, and stained glass.

Campers that come to Vega love the experience, and it shows with their 97% return rate.

 Visit here: Camp Vega All Girls Camp

4. Raquette Lake Boys and Girls Camps, Raquette Lake, New York

Raquette Lake Camps is a group of summer camps located in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York.

There is the opportunity to canoe for a 100-mile radius around the camp. The camp is for boys and girls ages 6 to 15 and is a place to build lifelong memories.

Many of the campers return year after year. With over 100 years of camping experience, Raquette Lake Camps have been hosting its Boys only and Girls only camps since 1916.

Their goal is to build strong and lasting friendships while imparting confidence in each camper as they grow into extraordinary adults. 

There is not a lack of activities at either the Raquette Lake Boys camp or the Raquette Lake Girls Camp.  

There are volleyball and basketball courts along with hardball diamonds, a batting cage, and both soccer and lax fields, not to forget the tennis courts.

Water activities include sailboats, kayaks, canoes, wind-surfers, power boats, and also includes Ski Nautique water ski and wake-board boats. 

As if that was not enough activity, Raquette Lake has a gymnasium with balance beams, mini-trampolines, uneven parallel bars, vaulting horses, springboards, mats, a Tumble Trak and a springboard floor.

An arts and crafts center, a theater and social hall, and a jewelry-making studio and ceramics facility give campers the opportunity to explore their creative side.

A three-sided climbing wall, zip lines, and ropes challenge course that includes high and low levels keeps campers the chance to gain confidence in their abilities. 

Visit here: Raquette Lake Camps in New York, Boys & Girls Summer Camps

5. Camp Walt Whitman, Piermont,  New Hampshire

With an impressive 2:1 camper to staff ratio, Camp Walt Whitman fosters a warm and welcoming atmosphere where campers can make lifetime friends and achieve personal growth. 

Founded in 1948, the 300-acre campus is near the beautiful White Mountains and along the shores of Lake Armington. 

The camp was named after poet Walt Whitman because of his poem "I Hear America Singing," which inspired the camp's mission.

The poem describes the working men and women of America each performing their own job and singing their own individual song with pride, but interwoven together to form the great community of America.

The camp runs for seven weeks, as the founders believed that kids could only get a real immersive experience if camp lasted an entire summer. 

There are shorter camps for kids in the first through third grades that might not entirely be ready to be away from parents all summer long.

Camp Walt Whitman has a well rounded of activities. They offer ceramics, woodworking, crafts as well as drama and music programs. 

There are rope courses, weekly hikes, overnight camping, and whitewater rafting.

The campers will participate in six activities each day, with four of them being prescheduled. Two of the activities each day are ones that the campers themselves want to explore.

Lake Armington is the site for the camp, and Walt Whitman is the only camp on its shores. 

Certified Water Safety instructors are on hand both in the lake and in the Olympic size swimming pool.

Campers can learn how to sail, kayak, water-ski, paddleboard, and more. A particular favorite, the water trampoline, Aquaglide Rockit, and Corcl boats add to the fun in the water.

Visit here: Camp Walt Whitman


Practice Beforehand

There are many good reasons to send your child to summer camp. Camps help children to experience different and unique things such as archery, riflery, and all of the various water sports.

Summer camps allow kids to expand their horizons with new friends and a completely different atmosphere. 

They are starting with a fresh slate to write their story on. It is in this type of setting that kids can blossom and grow.

You have the ability, at home, to prepare your child for the summer camp to come by staging a few nights under the stars in anticipation of their time away.

Set up a mini campsite in the backyard, or even the living room with an Everest Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

Everest Double Camping Hammock

The Everest Double Camping Hammock with mosquito net is the perfect option to get your child familiar with sleeping in the outdoors. 

It is big and roomy. It is also sturdy and durable so your child will feel safe and secure lying in the hammock.

The mosquito net will keep any unpleasant bugs away, and enhance their experience. Best of all, an adult can use the hammock for their own backyard get-away while the kiddo is off at camp!

It will be a fun exercise that allows you to spend some quality time before they go off on their new adventure. 

Reasons Why Summer Camp Is Good For A Child

In a camp setting, children acquire a new set of skills. 

They learn that they can thrive in an environment that has slightly looser constraints, where personal freedom is partnered with personal responsibility. 

They can gain confidence in their ability to tackle a new experience and learn from it. They also have the time and place to immerse themselves in a particular activity and turn it into a honed skill. 

Kids are encouraged to move outside their comfort zone and try something new in a safe and supported atmosphere where there is not a fear of failure or judgment. 

Instead, their confidence is reinforced by success as they experience and grow proficient in new endeavors. 

Friendships formed at camp often last a lifetime. It is a time of fun and bonding like no other. 

In today's electronic age, we can forget that there is a whole big, beautiful world out there waiting to be explored. 

Summer camps will couple both mental and physical activity. Not the sit in your seat type of learning as in school, but the kind of learning, by doing, that children thrive on and crave.

Summer camps tend to be free of judgment. Rather than situations being a pass or fail, it is the chance to try. That is success in itself. There are no grades involved, no report cards. 

Camps build resilience that comes naturally to kids when they are allowed to try and experiment and test their abilities in a supportive environment. Not least of all, camp is fun. 

It is a time for kids to have the world at their fingertips. 

A time to explore and discover, to play and create. A summer at camp makes more than just memories. It helps a child to learn that they are capable of navigating their way in this world.